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Morphe x Jeffree Star Eye Brush Collection- {Review}

Today I’m posting my very first brush set review. I’m not big on brushes but I’ve needed to purchase a few since my makeup game is getting stronger lol. Your girl is levelling up, Haha! Jokes aside, let’s get into this review.

This is the 2nd collaboration between Morphe and Jeffree Star. I jumped on this collaboration since these brushes, in my opinion, looked prettier than the previous collab. The first collaboration just looked rather meh, the brush handles looked cheap and many compared them to some brushes that are available on Ali Express.


Morphe x Jeffree Star Eye Brush Set – $42

This set includes 10 eye brushes and a good quality bag. The handles feel like they were manufactured with inexpensive material. I, however, like lightweight brushes, so I don’t mind this. A light handle gives me more control when I’m blending, so I’m not complaining about the look and feel of these.

Three of the blending brushes bristles are made of real/natural hairs. These feel extremely soft and some of the best I’ve worked with.

My only issue with real hair brushes is that there could be inconsistencies. Some brushes could feel extremely soft and luxe and others more scratchy depending on what part of the ponytail was used. So my review is based on the set I received. Yours could be completely different.




1. JS5 – Crease Kween Brush (Natural)

Get all the details and a new crease on life. The longer bristles allow you to place colour in all the right spots and buff out to perfection. Yes, mama.


2. JS6 – Rule Blender Brush (Natural)

Do what you will with this brush. There are no rules. But it’s perfect for carving out chiselled eye looks and knows how to drop bold, opaque colour in the blink of an eye. Just sayin’.


3. JS7 Double Trouble Brush (Synthetic)

There are two sides to every story. This double-ended dream knows how to bring the drama. Use the angled end for drawing on brows with your fave cream products or use with concealer to brighten up that brow highlight. Turn to the spoolie end to brush out any harsh brow lines, leaving you with soft, natural arches.

JUST THE TIP: The angled bristles know how to werk it as an eyeliner brush.


4. JS8 Drama Crease Brush (Synthetic)

Meet the crease brush that blends the house. Use this babe for stunning creations around the clock. Everyone’s gonna be talking about this blending action.


5. JS9 The Fluffer Crease Brush (Natural)
Get ready to fluff it all, because we live for a brush that buffs out and softens colour in the crease. Give this tapered hottie a whirl when you’re diffusing shades and softening harsh lines.


6. JS10 Diva Crease Brush (Synthetic)

Size matters, Morphe Babe. This one is just what you need to handle all the tiny details. Get to the point and cut that crease with precise lines, honey. We’re already impressed.


7. JS11 Blunt Packer Brush (Synthetic)

Want a major colour high? This brush will take you there. The amount of pigment that it can pack on is going to leave you shook, so get in there and go for the bold. Bam.


8. JS12 Sport Mode Blender Brush(Synthetic)

Kick controlled precise blending into high gear with this tapered brush. This babe is made small, so you can buff and blend with the lightest, softest touch. Oh yas, mama.


9. JS13 Pom Crease Brush (Synthetic)

Bold colour and defined lines in the crease? Honey, we’re here for it. This brush’s soft, domed point can totally make it happen and make it iconic.


10. JS14 Happy Ending Liner Brush(Synthetic)

Don’t let the size fool ya, this itsy-bitsy brush sure knows how to finish off your look. Whether you’re a babe that loves to wing it or you like things a bit dramatic, your liner has never looked finer.


11.  Superstar Bag

So much to pink about. This sleek, legendary bag is perf for storing all your fave brushes and lippies so you can live that luxe life, mama.



My experience

My experience with these brushes is that they initially feel soft but as you continue using them and the hairs sort of spread apart and aren’t in their normal shape, that they start feeling a tad bit scratchy on the eyes. Nothing crazy or uncomfortable but you do notice it, so figured it’s worth mentioning. Also, you want to be gentle when you go into the eyeshadows as the natural hair brushes will pick up a helluva lot of product and you don’t want to be wasting shadow.

The synthetic brushes feel soft. I can’t fault these.

The liner brush is the only one I haven’t used since I hardly ever use gel liner, so I can’t comment on the performance of this one.



Final Thoughts

Overall, I like this set and the brushes performed well. The real hair brushes blended my eyeshadows smoothly, effortlessly and evenly. The synthetic brushes all worked perfectly. That’s what one wants from brushes, right? Also, I managed to buy the set on sale for $29 through Manhattanstylesa on Instagram, I wouldn’t pay $42 for this set.

I’ve used 7 out of the 8 and I’ll continue using this set.

The only thing with these brushes is that you need brush guards to keep the hairs in place once they’re washed. The bristles flair out so badly and hardly go back to their normal shape.

Do you need this specific brush set? Not necessarily, unless you’re a Jeffree Star fan. Do I think you need these brushes? No, you could buy individual Morphe brushes that you would reach for more. But, in saying that, I don’t think you’d be disappointed if you were to purchase this set.

Let me know if you have this set and what your thoughts are?

Or, have tried Morphe brushes and if so, please list which brushes or set is your fave?







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