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Tati Beauty – Textured Neutrals Vol 1 Palette {Review}

If I didn’t mention it before then let me take the opportunity to do so again. Eyeshadow palettes are my makeup kryptonite. I’m no makeup artist but I love applying eyeshadow. This is a way for me to express myself and I love that there aren’t any rules to makeup. Have your basics right and do what makes you happy. And well… creating different eyeshadow looks make me REALLY happy.

I thought since there was so much hype around the Tati beauty textured Neutrals Vol 1 palette that I should get onto reviewing it. A few of my followers who saw my unboxing said they couldn’t wait for the review, so here you have it stunners.


Tati Beauty Textured Neutrals Vol 1 Palette – $48

Tati Beauty is a new brand and the Textured Neutrals Vol 1 is the very first product release under this brand.


The palette is housed in a matte black sturdy cardboard casing with a large good quality mirror. The weight of this palette really surprised me. One can tell that good quality material was used to manufacture the packaging.

I’ve heard people complaining about the matte outer material, saying that it’s prone to dirty fingerprints and that it’s not easy to clean. I, however, don’t mind at all. I’m not one who is messy and also, fingerprints show that the palette is being used and loved.

I also love that one can flip the mirror side of the palette over with ease.


Eyeshadows and Pigmentation

The palette includes 24 shadows and the concept and layout of the palette are that you get 6 everyday neutrals in 4 different formulas. For the formulas, we have matte, sequin, metallic and glitter.


Mattes – these are one of the creamiest mattes. They blend out seamlessly and the pigment is great. You’re able to build it up without it becoming choppy or blotchy in any way.


Sequin – I’m familiar with this formula. Colourpop includes these kinds of shadows in their palettes pretty often. I just see these as matte shadows with glitter particles. The glitter particles always fade away once the shadows are blended, so I don’t really see any use for the glitter in these shadows.

The Tati sequin shadows are slightly different as these glitter particles are quite fine and pressed tightly together so they still show up on the lids. They do however still disappear if you blend the shadow. The only way for this to appear on the lid is to pack it on using your finger. I love the idea of a subtle glitter on the lids but it isn’t a go-to look for me. I either do an all matte eye, a metallic on the lid or go all out with glitter on the lids. The glitter in the sequin formula is gorgeous if you’re looking for something elegant and subtle.


Metallic – the metallic shadows are gorgeous but not the creamiest formula out there. They apply well and can be used dry or wet. It’s hard to mess up a metallic formula, right?


Glitter – I know glitter shadows aren’t everyone’s thing. A lot of people stay clear from these for eye safety reasons. I love that these glitters aren’t chunky. They’re more on the finer side and the size of these glitters are consistent throughout all 6 shadows. The formula of these is also really lovely since you don’t have to go in with any sort of adhesive to get them to stay on the lids. However, if you know you’re gonna wear your makeup for hours then you might want to apply a glitter glue, since these do tend to fall throughout the day, like any glitter.




In terms of shade range, I wouldn’t say it’s anything groundbreaking. The name does say neutrals and if you’re someone who makes use of these types of shades on the daily then you’ll find yourself reaching for this palette quite often.

I love that there are staple shades. You get a matte white, your transition shade, medium brown to deepen the crease and a matte black.

This palette definitely stands out to me formula wise. Like I’ve mentioned before, I’m no makeup artist but I know what I like and if a formula performs well, doesn’t blend away, the pigment is true to colour and the lasting power is great then it’s a good quality formula. This palette ticks all those boxes. It’s, in my opinion, a high-end quality palette.



Matte – Cranberry

Sequin – Cranberry with blu pinpoints

Metallic – Soft ruby shimmer

Glitter – Multi-dimensional frosted raspberry




Matte – Vanilla

Sequin – Vanilla with fuschia pinpoints

Metallic – Champagne shimmer

Glitter – Multi-coloured frosted champagne



Matte – Camel

Sequin – Camel with gold pinpoints

Metallic – Warm champagne gold shimmer

Glitter – Multi-dimensional champagne gold



Matte – Burnt orange

Sequin – Burnt orange with gold pinpoints

Metallic – Bright orange with gold pinpoints

Glitter –  Multi-dimensional burnt orange



Matte – Rich chocolate

Sequin – Warm brown with gold pinpoints

Metallic – Chocolate bronze shimmer

Glitter – Multi-dimensional warm bronze



Matte – Carbon black

Sequin – Carbon black with multi-coloured pinpoints

Metallic – Gunmetal with silvery shimmer

Glitter – Multi-dimensional smoky charcoal



Final thoughts

I purchased my palette last year November through Manhattanstylesa on Instagram. I’m so happy they managed to purchase it in time because these sold out really quickly. Tati has since restocked so I hope you’re able to purchase one if you’re interested in adding this to your collection.

I think the price of the palette is pretty standard. Not too affordable or too pricey. It’s a good price if you consider the number of shadows in the palette as well as the quality of the shadows.

Overall, I do think it’s a really good quality palette and it’s definitely worth the price. From packaging to the formulation. I reach for it often but not at regularly as I thought I would.

I like the concept but I would have preferred if there were more shades to work with. More variety means that it becomes a palette one can travel with without having to reach for any other palette. So it isn’t necessarily a go-to travel palette for me but this is just personal preference. We’re all so different in what we like.

So should you invest in this palette? Well, if you’re a Tati fan then absolutely yes and if you love quality shadows and don’t mind wearing glitter on your lids, then YES YES YES! But if you’re someone who likes more variation then this might not be for you.

Let me know if you own this palette and what your thoughts are on the quality as well as the layout and shade range?

If you don’t own it then let me know if it’s on your wishlist?





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