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Morphe x Jaclyn Hill The Eye Master Collection Review

Hey guys

I reviewed the recently launched Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Vol 2 eyeshadow palette last week. If you’re curious on my thoughts and experience on that palette then please click HERE.

I figured since I reviewed that palette that I might as well share my thoughts on the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill The Eye master collection. This review was requested shortly after I did an unboxing on Instagram, so here you have it beauties.



Morphe x Jaclyn Hill The Eye Master collection – $42


About this brush set

I created this collection for all my subscribers. Whether you’re a boy on-the-go or a girl who owns the night, these brushes will help you create any look! Go on with your bad self and slay. I love you!




The Eye Master collection consists of 8 brushes. All the brushes have white handles with silver detailing. This colour combination gives the brushes a really sleek and classy look and feel. Also included in this set is a beautiful silver bag. I was really amazed by the quality of this eye brush collection, including the bag. I’ve reviewed the Morphe x Jeffree Star brush set over HERE and I must say the Jaclyn set feels more expensive. The brush handles feels slightly heavier and the bristles definitely feel softer. There’s clearly a difference in the quality of the materials used for the handles, bristles as well as the bag.


The collection includes:

JH30 – Beast Mode Blender Brush

The best everyday blending blush for all over the lid because it’s so fat, so fluffy, and so soft that you get a really even, sheer wash of colour.”


JH32 – Transition Blender Brush 

“It’s the first brush that I use when I start my makeup. It is my favourite one to initially go into the crease with because it puts down such a beautiful, sheer wash of colour.”


JH33 – Universal Blender Brush 

“My favourite blending brush of all time. I’ve been in a relationship with this motherf***er for many, many years.”



JH39 – Inner Corner Highlight Brush

“Everyone needs an inner corner highlight, and that’s what this brush is for.”


JH40 – Precise Blender Brush 

“If you do anything beyond an everyday, neutral look, you need this brush in your life.”


JH41 – All Over Lid Brush 

“The hairs have the perfect amount of stiffness, so you can use it to apply glitter, cream products, powder products—whatever you need. I use it for everything.”


JH42 – Brow Bone Highlight Brush 

“I use for my brow bone highlight. I also use it in the centre of the lid for a nice spotlight. It’s definitely multi-purpose.”


JH43 – Eyeliner Smudge Brush 

“Dip it in some shadow, buff out the lash, and you’re gonna have a good night.”



Silver bag



My experience

I think I’ve mentioned before that I wasn’t that big on brushes but now that I’ve been playing around more and trying out some more “bold/artistic” looks, I see why there’s a need for brushes that perform extremely well.

I can’t fault this set. Every single brush performs perfectly and I haven’t been able to put down the JH30 – Beast Mode Blender Brush. This is the one brush I reach for every day without fail. If there was one I’d want to purchase, so that I have more than one, it would be the JH30.

Also, the natural hair brushes in this set are way softer than those included in the Jeffree Star set.



Final Thoughts

I purchased this set sometime last year when Cult beauty had a 30% off of Morphe beauty products and free worldwide shipping. I’ve had my eye on this set since it launched but just couldn’t justify the price + customs and shipping. So the sale and free shipping came at the perfect time.

Ps. We’re currently on lockdown so wouldn’t recommend making any international purchases during this time. It’s a little risky since all flights to SA have been cancelled and the rand is at it’s weakest. My suggestion would be to order through a South African reseller. Although, you might only receive delivery of your products after the lockdown.

Like I mentioned above, this set has been on my wishlist for a while. When I initially looked at the collection I thought it didn’t have enough brushes. Now that I own it and have played around with it, I can tell you with confidence that this set is all you need if you’re looking for an eye brush set. The only thing with these brushes is that you need brush guards to keep the hairs in place once they’re washed. The bristles flair out quite a bit, so just something to keep in mind if you want to keep them in shape.

So would I recommend this set? ABSOLUTELY YES. Jaclyn did well with her selection and I can’t fault any of these brushes. In fact, I’m now eyeing all her other brushes lol.

Do you own this set? Love it as much as I do? Would you purchase the set after reading this review? Let your girl know in the comments below.






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    • Lynette de Sousa

      I have wanted the Jaclyn brushes for such a lomg time!!! Now after reading your review I have to go buy it! Since I am in EU, I won’t pay customs if I order from Cult or Morphe which is a plus…I think they had a sale on celeb collabs…let me go check! Thanks for the amazing review!!!!

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