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Cala Smooth & Sheen Facial Exfoliating Duo Sponge & Pad Review

I was quite intrigued when I saw this set at the entrance of the Dischem store. They had them on promotion for R99 from R125. I’m not big on exfoliating devices or tools but this set looked interesting so I thought I’d test it out.


Cala Smooth & Sheen Facial Exfoliating Duo Sponge & Pad



Smooth and sheen your skin to perfect complexion with this palm-sized exfoliating duo. The small size makes this duo great for travel. Teardrop design makes these exfoliating tools great for small areas and creases such as around the eyes, nose, mouth and other hard-to-reach areas. Perfect when used together.


The Sponge

Exfoliating sponge features a finger insert for maximum control. Wide base and tapered edge make the sponge versatile for large and small areas to remove dirt, make-up and excess oil build-up for deep exfoliation. Delicate yet coarse sponge material provides gentle exfoliation without stripping the skin’s natural oils and sebum. Use to create a lather to gently remove impurities from the skin without causing dryness and to buff away dead skin cells.

I thought the material would’ve been a little too harsh on my skin but once I soaked it under lukewarm water,  it softened up. This sponge not only aids in creating a rich lather from the cleanser but it also removes all dead skin cells, leaving the skin feeling squeaky clean minus the dryness and sensitivity you might experience with some exfoliating sponges.

Silicone Pad

Flat silicone cleansing pad with surface bobbles for comprehensive cleansing, massaging and exfoliating. Features handle for maximum control. Dense but flexible bobbles ensure concentrated and comprehensive cleansing, increasing circulation while stimulating the skin for a healthy glow.

I was fascinated by how soft this pad felt. The little bobbles are stiff but yet so flexible, which makes it such a pleasure to work with. The actual shape of the pad makes it easy to work around the nose area. I use this pad mainly to massage my skin when I do a gentle exfoliation. It stimulates blood flow, cell growth which leaves the skin feeling plump, revitalised and radiant.

Final Thoughts

I’m glad I decided to give this set a try. I like both products because they’re so different from each other and each work perfectly for they’re meant to be used for.

My favourite has to be the silicone exfoliating pad. I love that it’s super soft yet still provides a great exfoliation and massage in one.

If you’re someone like me, who enjoys giving your skin that little extra love, then this set is a must try. It’s also pretty inexpensive even at the regular price.

Let me know if you’d purchase after reading this review? Do you use exfoliating tools? If so, then please share your favourites?




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