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Morphe 35P Plum Eyeshadow Palette – review and swatches

Hey Stunners
I know I’ve had quite a few posts up where I review eyeshadow palettes. I have a very good reason for that, lol. I recently added a few to my collection and wanted to start using them so I figured I would take pictures, do some swatches and immediately get to the review instead of having it collect dust by sitting and waiting for me to finally take pictures. I know so many beauty bloggers are guilty of letting products sit around, unopened because they still need to take pictures. I didn’t want to become a statistic. Haha! Just Kidding!
Jokes aside, let us get to this review.
A  few months ago I bought my very first Morphe eyeshadow palette, the Morphe X KathleenLights collaboration. If you haven’t read my thoughts on this palette then please click here. I must say I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of these eyeshadows and wanted so badly to try out their original 35 pan palettes.
Another interesting fact about me is that purple is one of my favourite colours, I absolutely love it. I don’t own any purply plum coloured eyeshadows, so when I saw this palette I fell in love.

Morphe 35P 

Product Description:

“Morphe Brushes 35P 35 Color Plum Palette is a stylish palette of purple toned eyeshadows.
Featuring a selection of classic neutrals designed to complement the plum and violet tones in this iconic eye shadow palette, 35P 35 Color Plum Palette is sure to be a best-seller and is the ideal way to add some majestic colour into your eye shadow wardrobe.
Designed to be applied wet or dry for various depths of colour and intensities, 35P 35 Color Plum Palette delivers highly pigmented, long wearing colour and blending capabilities which won’t disappoint.
Whether you’re wanting to achieve vibrant violet eyes for a night on the town or toned down yet fashionable looks for the office, 35P 35 Color Plum Palette is the palette for you!”


All Morphe 35 pan eyeshadow palettes come in a black cardboard sleeve and a large matte black plastic holder that feels rather cheap.  None of them have mirrors which would’ve been great but isn’t a train smash either. I personally wouldn’t travel with this palette because of its size as well as the quality of the actual casing.


Formula and pigmentation:

The Morphe 35P palette comes with 35 eyeshadows shades as stated above– ranging from deep plums, bright electric plums, light lavenders, as well as neutral taupes and browns. I was more drawn to the purple shades but hey, I’m not complaining, a girl can never have enough neutral shades. I doubt they’ll ever go out of fashion.
This palette offers a great variety of different finishes ranging from shimmers and metallics to mattes and satins. Most of the eyeshadows feel soft to the touch. There are a few that are very powdery and so getting some fallout is inevitable. The ones I’ve used so far blended effortlessly and layered well, except for those few powdery ones, those you will, unfortunately, have to work a little harder to get it to blend perfectly. I, therefore, recommend using an eye primer just to ensure that they apply well and stay put.
The pigmentation for three-quarters of the eyeshadows are amazing, the rest unfortunately fall a little short. Nothing that some eye primer can’t help with. The staying power of these is also pretty decent. I can get about 8 hours of wear before it starts fading, granted I do wear an eye primer.
Row 1: 
Row 2:
Row 3: 
Row 4:
Row 5: 

Final Thoughts:

I’m glad I finally own one of the 35 pan Morphe palettes and I’m on top of the world that its this specific palette because I’ve been lusting over it for the longest time. I would highly recommend this palette if you’re into plum and purple shades. What’s also great about this palette is that you have a lot of warm transition shades to work with to cut through those purples on days when you want to keep it toned down. I’m super excited to try and create more looks especially since we’re into the autumn season and going into winter.
I know so many ladies love these palettes, so please let me know which ones you own and what your thoughts are on them?
Toodles Stunners! Xx

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  • An ordinary gal

    I’ve always wanted to get my hands on a Morphe palette! I have been eyeing the 35F (I think or is it T??) for a while now. Hopefully one day I’ll get my hands on one!
    Those metallic purple shades are beautiful! Can’t wait to see the looks you come up with.

  • shakeelah

    I have the 35F and I love it because of the variety of colours (neutral mattes, berry shades, browns, golds, purply shades and such great highlighter colours!) And because every shadow is so pigmented, but mostly because I’m a glitter girl and 28/35 are shimmer shades 😍 but wow the 35p looks amazing 😍

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