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Colourpop x Kathleen Lights So Jaded Palette – {Review and Swatches}

I’m sure I don’t have to mention my love for Colourpop or my love for influencer Kathleen Lights. I’ve loved most of their past collaborations (I didn’t purchase every release) and was pretty curious about this specific one. Thus today I share my views on the Colourpop x Kathleen Lights So Jaded Eyeshadow palette.


So Jaded Eyeshadow Palette – $39

When I first saw sneak peeks of this collaboration I got very excited since this was Colourpop’s first mega palette. I love most of Colourpop and Kathleen Lights collaborations and yes they’ve collaborated so many times in the past but Kathleen is a darling. What’s not to love about her? Also, her collections are always so well thought out. This specific one is inspired by different gemstones and crystals.


“With BIG ideas, come even BIGGER palettes. In collaboration with KathleenLights, introducing our biggest palette ever. 30 super pigmented shades, including the perfect combination of matte and metallic shadows, 1 Super Shock Shadow, and 2 Pressed Glitters. Inspired by crystals and gemstones, create a rich neutral eye or the perfect jewel-toned monochromatic look – this palette is everything.”



The packaging of this palette is quite colourful with gems and crystal images all around. The cardboard packaging is thin yet sturdy and has a magnetic closure. The palette itself is large since it’s a mega palette but still lightweight. It doesn’t include a mirror which I’m perfectly ok with as I feel this would’ve added to the weight and price of the palette.


Eyeshadows and Pigmentation

This mega palette contains 30 highly pigmented shades with a combination of 12 true mattes, 1 matte with glitter, 1 satiny matte, 13 metallic shadows, one Super Shock Shadow and two Pressed Glitters.

The shade range is unique as there are a ton of colours that you wouldn’t normally see in their other palettes.

I love that there are a good amount of staple neutral shades as well as some gorgeous bright yet wearable shades. The performance of the shadows also didn’t disappoint. Every matte shade is opaque and applies and blends beautifully. The metallic shades are stunning and easy to apply, whether you’re using a brush or your finger, wet or dry.

One of my shadows got damaged in transit and made a big mess. Just ignore the stains. I tried my best to clean it


The only shadow that was a tad bit disappointed for me was the superstock shadow. It’s a little too subtle. I expected it to be intense and more metallic. I suppose it works well as a topper since it doesn’t have a base colour.

The pressed glitters are gorgeous but I know many wouldn’t reach for these for safety reasons. I love a glitter look now and then and use these with caution.


Shade Description

Row 1:

  • Diamond – icy champagne with blue reflects
  • Rose Quartz – soft neutral mauve
  • Ruby – crimson red
  • Royal Jewels – neutral peach
  • Flourite – icy lavender with a pale green flip
  • Moonstone – silvery taupe with purple and blue sparkle


Row 2:

  • My Precious – pale peach
  • Sunstone – fiery orange-y gold
  • Pearl – pale gold
  • Citrine – true mustard yellow
  • Garnet – garnet red
  • Ametrine – dusty mauve purple with golden flecks


Row 3:

  • Peridot – bright chartreuse
  • You’re a Gem – burnt terracotta
  • Topaz – bronze glitter with copper flecks
  • Tiger Eye – antique bronze
  • Opal – multidimensional silver glitter with multi-coloured flecks
  • Aquamarine – icy baby blue


Row 4:

  • Geo Dude – mid-tone neutral yellow-brown
  • Carnelian – burnt orange
  • Stoned – cool deep brown
  • Jasper – red-brown
  • Turquoise – true turquoise
  • Onyx – charcoal with silver pearl


Row 5:

  • Emerald – rich emerald
  • Jade – olive green
  • Alexandrite – eggplant
  • Smoky Quartz – icy taupe
  • Amethyst – vibrant purple
  • Sapphire – navy blue


Final Thoughts

When I first opened this palette I felt a little intimidated because that’s just how my brain works. I love when palettes have a cohesive colour scheme which is usually the case with most of Colourpop’s palettes. A palette with a specific colour theme just makes it easy to create looks since you don’t have to wreck your brain.

Kathleen mentioned in her reveal video that there are colour stories in the corners of the palette. The bottom left corner has a strong green theme. The bottom right leans more towards the blues and purples. The top right has more toned down pinks and mauves and lastly, the top left more of your neutral shades.

So if you’re someone like me who would normally skip on purchasing such a big palette, then fear not. This palette is pretty approachable and easier to use when you just stick to those corners. You don’t have to stick to those specific corners, the sky is the limit in terms of which shades to use and how many to reach for. I’m just mentioning this for those who would find a larger palette a little overwhelming.

I’m a huge fan and feel pretty inspired by this palette. Congratulations to Kathleen on another awesome collaboration.

I purchased my palette from Betty, a South African International makeup reseller. Check them out on Instagram @shopbettyonline to be kept up to date with what’s new on their store.




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      • Charndré Kippie

        I look this jewel tone colour story. I just feel like when we buy international makeup from resellers, the prices are so high. I mean, don’t get me wrong, Colourpop has amazing quality palettes, and it’s my favourite brand actually. I just wish we could purchase them for the actual price minus the shipping rates. If I could, I’d have a whole Colourpop collection. I love it so much! Thanks for the awesome reviews. I’ve tried a view palettes that you’ve used and love and I totally agree that it’s an awesome cosmetics brand ❤️

        • Yolanda Jeftha

          I agree hun. Really unfortunate that prices of products that are actually pretty affordable just dont seem worth it once shipping, customs and reseller markups are taken into consideration. That’s why I try and purchase directly if I can. Only really purchase from resellelers if it seems like a good deal

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