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Milo&Mo – Online Store And Product Review

Hey Stunners
So I must say, I’ve really had an amazing month. I feel truly blessed that so many companies have reached out to me these past few weeks. Yes, this means I’m busier but this is what I love so I wouldn’t have it any other way.
I try my best to review products over a few weeks and then write a detailed review once I’m satisfied that I know exactly how I feel about these specific products. I don’t have a post up every week but when I do, I try my best to give a comprehensive review and you can be assured that all my posts are 100% honest.
Milo&Mo reached out to me a few weeks ago and wanted to know if I would be interested in reviewing a few of their products and write up a post or post about these on my social platforms. I obviously didn’t even think twice and immediately jumped at the opportunity. I followed them on Instagram a few weeks before they contacted me and was so amazed by their online store.

About Milo&Mo

“Milo and Mo bring the most exclusive and desired gifts and products from around the world.
ALL the products available on are GUARANTEED to be 100% original branded products and not imitation or replica products. Milo and Mo only procure from original manufacturers and wholesalers. Beware of imitations.
Through our offices in New York, Milo and Mo scours the planet to find only the best of latest brands and products and delivers them to your door.”
When I visited Milo&Mo’s online store for the very first time I was so amazed by the wide range of products they have available. There are 7 categories, so this isn’t just an ordinary beauty online store. They have amazing international makeup brands, skincare products (mostly Korean skincare which got me soo excited), a huge selection of really nifty gifts as well as jewellery. There is no way you would visit this store and not be tempted to add some goodies to your cart.

My Milo&Mo parcel

Before the parcel was sent to me, Tamaryn from Milo&Mo emailed me a few questions to answer. The questions asked were just to have an idea of what kind of products I like and what my preferences are in terms of colour, scent etc. I loved that she did this, it shows that her intention was to send products she knew I would be more inclined to use and love.
I absolutely loved the service because I was updated everytime my parcel moved and I received my package the very next day after being notified that my parcel was picked up by the courier.
When I received my parcel, I could tell that she really took the time to choose these products specifically for me and I knew she also read my blog posts because one of these products isn’t a beauty product but it’s definitely something that I would grab if ever I saw it. So thank you Tamaryn.

Disclaimer: Please note that I received these products in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion. All opinions expressed are genuinetruthful and fair-minded

Happy Bath Sparkling Ale Body Wash – Grapefruit

This was the very first time I had heard of this brand. I’m still very new the Korean beauty so I immediately did my research to find out what they’re about. Happy Bath seems to be a very popular Korean beauty brand and they’re known for their bath products.
This specific one is part of their beer spa body washes. When I read Beer spa I was immediately intrigued. I checked the ingredient list and it actually includes beer extracts. I guess it’s fair to assume that it contains yeast. Yeast contains vitamin B and it seems to be a popular ingredient amongst Korean’s, so much so that there seems to a whole range of fermented skincare products. It sounds crazy but I sure would love to try it. Yes, I like things!
The consistency of this body wash is quite liquidy. It also doesn’t foam up too much so if you love lathering your body in a thick rich lather then you’ll, unfortunately, be disappointed. I use a loofah sponge and find that this works better. The scent is very enticing, the fresh grapefruit scent definitely awakens the senses and the beer smell is rather faint.
You’ll have to shake the bottle well because the product does separate. This body wash includes argan, olive, and other oils that nourish and seals in hydration.

I Don’t Sweat, I Sparkle – Pinch Provisions Fitness Kit

I swear I was like a little kid when I opened this little bag. I couldn’t believe that they managed to fit 15 products in this hand size pouch. It was soo much fun removing each item from the bag, I knew I would use these because I train 4-5 times a week.

I absolutely love the neon yellow pouch, it’s super trendy and the perfect size to fit in all these essentials and won’t take up a lot of space in your gym bag.
These are the 15 products included in the bag:

  1. Emergency socks – I’ve been using these and I love that it’s made from cotton. Nice and breathable and it fits my size 5 foot perfectly
  2. Dry shampoo – I used this once and it honestly works pretty well. Not as well as my Batista dry shampoo but it gets the job done.
  3. Earphones – These are my emergency earphones that never leave my gym bag, for those days when I forget my earphones on my bedside table. (This happens to many of us, lol)
  4. Bobby pins – These honestly come in soo handy. They never leave my bag.
  5. Folding brush/comb – I’m so chuffed with the compact brush/comb, it’s so nifty and comes in handy.
  6. Hair tie – I won’t lie, I’m not the biggest fan of the design of this hair tie, it looks very “practical” but it’s a durable elastic that won’t snap easily, so this baby also stays in my bag.
  7. Headband – The headband is made from the same material as the hair tie, just obviously bigger. It’s also not too fashionable but it definitely does a great job at holding the hair up.
  8. Lip balm – This has to be one of my favourite items in the bag. I love the feel of it on my lips, super moisturising and it smells lovely. I detect a raspberry/sparberry scent which I quite like.
  9. Tampon – I have not used this tampon before but will keep it in the little pouch in my gym bag for emergencies.
  10. Deodorant towelettes – I’ve used one of these to test them out and I love that they’re well moisturised. It actually feels like a wet towel. It works well but does leave the skin feeling slightly tacky
  11. Blister balm – I haven’t used this one yet because I haven’t had any irritation that would cause blisters. I smelt it and swatched it on my hand. It feels quite moisturising but not to a point where it feels oily and it smells like lavender.
  12. Adhesive bandages – I also haven’t used any of these, haven’t had any accidents (thank goodness) but they’ll stay in my bag for emergencies
  13. Safety pin – This safety pin is a perfect size and is quite useful around the house.
  14. Breath drops – These are super convenient and you literally only need a drop to freshen your breath. Another favourite of mine.
  15. Pain reliever – I’ve used one of these one evening when I had a headache and ran out grandpa and it works effectively.

This little kits includes items that are so convenient to have around. It sure does make life easier having these around. It will be the perfect gift to someone who trains and it in and out of the gym 4-6 times a week. I promise you, they’ll love you for it.

Sephora Favourites Give Me Some Bold Lip – Holiday 2016

The Sephora favourites give me some bold lip kip boasts six bold and very daring lip shades. These shades definitely scream out boldness and it’s perfect for those who want to try out different shades but not ready to invest in the full-size products.
This set had 5 mini’s and one full-size lipstick which is pretty cool. I have heard that they included 2 full-size products in the previous set, so I suppose you could get either 1 or 2, which is pretty cool.
I LOVE the box these lippies come in and love that they included 3 liquid lippies, 2 lipsticks and 1 crayon. I’ve worn each shade several times for full days (8-10 hours) to test the wearability and these are my thoughts.

Tarte tarteist lip paint in “yaasss”

I was so excited to get this product. I’ve always wanted to try the Tarte Tarteist kip paints and the best part is that it’s a purple shade. LOL. You guys know I love my purple lippies.  This formula is quite unique, not liquidy at all, although it doesn’t claim to be a liquid lippie. I love that it glides on easily and feels comfortable on the lips. I also quite like the scent, it smells very minty and even feels a little cooling on the lips. The only drawback is that it does transfer but it’s one of those lippies that is highly pigmented so it there’s still enough product left on your lips and whatever is left stays on pretty well.

Laura Mercier velour lovers lip color in “an affair”

I mean, when I saw a Laura Mercier lipstick in the box, I freaked out. I FINALLY own a Laura Mercier product!! The packaging is super sleek and feels luxurious and the texture of the lipstick feels super creamy, glides on perfectly and doesn’t lack pigmentation at all. One swipe and you’re good. The colour is also very unique, I don’t own anything like it, so I’m sooo happy I have this baby part of my collection.

Sephora collection rouge cream lipstick in “#49 belly dancing”

This lipstick is soo small, I love the size, it’s cute and perfect for clutch bags. It’s a stunning red but shiny red lipsticks aren’t my favourite. I prefer matte red lipsticks, it looks more elegant in my opinion. I do however love the way this specific formula feels on the lips. Extremely moisturising and great pigmentation. The only downside is that the lipstick tends to feather a bit, nothing a lip liner can’t fix.


Ciate London liquid velvet in “head over heels”

It was honestly love at first sight when I first swatched this shade. It’s such a stunning pink and suits my skin tone beautifully. I’ve heard of this brand but I’ve never been curious enough to try their liquid lippies but damn are these amazing. The formula is definitely in my top 5 favourite liquid lipstick formulae. It applied beautifully, wore amazingly well and the shade is honestly to die for. I need more of these in my collection.

Kat Von D beauty everlasting liquid lipstick in “damned”

The excitement was overwhelming as I’m sure you can already gather. When I saw a Kat Von D liquid lipstick, I jumped for joy. I’ve always wanted to try her liquid lippies but I must say, I’m a little disappointed. The shade is stunning, probably the darkest shade I own so I was quite eager to get this baby on my lips. It felt good on initial application but then it applied patchy in certain areas. I think it might be that it’s a really dark shade because I know some dark shades do this. It felt quite light on the lips but did feel a tad drying once it dried down. One thing about this lipstick is that it does STAY PUT. I ate, drank and this baby hardly moved. So it definitely lives up to the name “Everlasting”

Bite beauty matte creme lip crayon in “aubergine”

This is my first crayon matte lipstick and I quite like it. This specific formula feels lovely on the lips, not drying at all, in fact, it feels and looks more like a satin lip. The shade isn’t something I would gravitate to so getting this in this box was great because I quite like it. This lippie also feathers quite a bit so you’ll need a lip liner.

Final Thoughts

Would I recommend any of these products? Absolutely yes!
I’ve fallen in love with Korean skincare and I’m eager to try more of their products. It’s no secret that their products do work, you just have to be consistent. The Beer spa body wash feels amazing on the skin. I would definitely recommend this to someone with dry skin because it’s extremely moisturising.
The Fitness Kit is, in my opinion, the perfect gift for someone who lives in the gym. All the items found in the little pouch comes in handy so you can be assured that it’ll be used.
The Sephora favourites is another amazing set and also a perfect gift for a makeup enthusiast who loves to be daring. The Kat Von D lippie was the only disappointing lippie because it applied a little patchy. I’m not giving up on this brand though, I’m convinced it’s just because it’s a really dark vampy shade. The Sephora collection lippie is a stunning colour but like I said, I don’t usually wear shiny red lipsticks, I prefer a matte formula in this shade but I know so many ladies will love this lippie. The rest of these lippies are right up my alley and wears beautifully.
I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Have you heard of Milo&Mo? Have you checked out their online store and if so, whats on your wishlist? Please do also follow them on Instagram to what else is new Milo&Mo.
Toodles Stunners! XoXo
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