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Brand Review: Huda Beauty

Today we’re doing another brand review. I like sharing my thoughts on different products from a brand just to see if they’re consistent across the board and then share my experience with you guys.

The brand under review today is non-other than Huda beauty. I feel like this is a long-awaited review as I’ve been wanting to share my thoughts on these products for a while now. I’ve played around with them enough and have my thoughts so let’s get into it.


Faux Filter Foundation in Amaretti

This foundation launched in 2017 and it’s been all over social media since. I’m late to the game but better late than never,  right?


A velvety, full-coverage foundation so good, you might delete your photo-editing apps.

The intelligent liquid foundation blends seamlessly with skin and dries to a radiant matte powder finish that looks luminous, not dry or cakey. Enriched with good-for-your-skin ingredients like Argan Oil and Centella Asiatica, both known for their hydrating properties, this fade-proof formula blends seamlessly into the skin, simultaneously working to improve skin texture. Count on #FauxFilter to give you flawless full-coverage with just one pump, or blend together with the Huda Beauty Complexion Perfection Pre-Makeup Base primer for an even, more natural finish.


The packaging is kept simple and sleek which I’m all for. It feels lightweight and the square bottle is made of plastic but looks like glass. To be honest, I prefer plastic foundation packaging. It also has a perfect working pump which I appreciate.


My experience with the foundation

The foundation has a scent to it that many described as a granny/ old lady scent lol. I can’t say I love it but I don’t hate it either.

The consistency feels liquidy but isn’t a running liquid, if that makes sense? I use less than a full pump and that is enough to cover my whole face. The texture makes it easy to spread and the coverage is really that amazing that a little goes really far. The foundation doesn’t dry too quickly so you’re able to layer it for those who like more coverage.

My preferred method of applying foundation is to go in with a dense foundation brush and then to “perfect ” it by going over with a beauty sponge. I feel that applying it in this way gives a more flawless finish.

The finish of the foundation initially looks a bit luminous and dewy but settles to a beautiful velvet matte. I love that there’s still a bit of a glow and that it’s not a completely flat matte finish.

I’ve really put this foundation to the test and yes that means I’ve worn it for 12 hours. For those who aren’t aware, I have an oily t-zone and pretty normal everywhere else. I noticed my oils started seeping through after the 10-hour mark, so if you’re an oily girl and plan on wearing the foundation for longer than 10 hours then I’d suggest that you lightly set your face with a loose translucent powder.

Other than the oils around the 10-hour mark, the foundation wears beautifully, it doesn’t settle into fine lines, crack or cake up and it definitely gives a filtered look.


Liquid matte lipsticks

The liquid lipsticks claim to be densely-pigmented and offer one-stroke colour with a buttery, suede-like finish.

As you can tell, I have a full size and one mini. The mini is in the shade Gossip Gurl and I find the formula a little tacky. I’ve shared my thoughts on this lippie on my Instastories and some ladies said that they only experienced this with the mini lippies but that the full sizes are extremely comfortable. I wanted to test this myself and bought the full size in the shade Muse and I have to agree. There is a difference in the formula. They both apply beautifully, are richly pigmented, smell divine and settle to a complete transfer proof suede matte. The only difference is the way they feel on the lips. Gossip Gurl (the mini) is tacky and that feeling stays throughout the day.  I’m not one to purse my lips so this doesn’t bother me but it’s something to take note of.

Gossip gurl – described as light rosey pink shade

Muse – described as a muted rose


Amethyst Eyeshadow Palette

Purple, purple, purple! Did someone say purple? If you’ve been following me for some time you’d know that this is my favourite colour lol. So when I saw pictures of the five limited edition Precious Stones palettes, this one immediately caught my eye.


It’s a simple cardboard palette with a mirror and magnetic closure. It’s tiny and actually fits in the palm of my hand but the pans are only slightly smaller than average, which is why I don’t mind it being so small. I think she did a great job with the design of the packaging. The diamond design on the front cover represents the shades that are inside really well.


Eyeshadows and Pigmentation

The palette contains 9 eyeshadows: 3 mattes and 6 duo-chrome shimmers. I’m quite a fan on her eyeshadow formula. There’s quite a bit of kick up in the pans, which sucks because if you’re not careful, you’ll end up hitting pan before you even know it. That aside, I feel that the matte eyeshadows blend beautifully and are more of a buildable formula which I prefer because I’m still trying to perfect my “blending skills” lol. The metallic/shimmer/duo-chrome shades are my favourite and the reason why I bought this palette. They have the most beautiful shift that looks dazzling on the eyes. These show up better when used with a finger or wet brush.


New Nudes Eyeshadow Palette

I’ve saved the best for last. Huda came through with this dreamy and romantic eyeshadow palette. I didn’t think twice about making this purchase, just look at it, how stunning is this palette?


This isn’t your standard neutral palette. The name suggests this and might lead you to expect browns and beiges but instead, we have a gorgeous array of pinks, peaches, mauves, and berries. New nudes = not nude at all Haha. It’s different and I’m not complaining at all.


I know many in the beauty community will agree that the packaging of this palette is undoubtedly one of the prettiest to look at. It’s made of laminated cardboard, has a magnetic closure and a very large great quality mirror. They kept with the theme of putting Huda Kattan’s face on the front of the palette and the interior and exterior of the palettes go well with the overall colour story of the palette.

Eyeshadows and Pigmentation

Inside you’ll find 18 shadows: 10 matte shadows, four duo-chromatic reflective shades, two pressed glitters, one pressed pearl and a sheer concealer base. The reflective shades are certainly the standout shades in this palette. These are truly unique as they are diffused with chunks of iridescent sparkle that are as pretty on the eyes as they are to look at.

The matte shades perform exactly the same as I’ve described with the Amethyst palette. Also quite a bit of kick up in the pan which is such a pain because the concealer base never stays clean as a result of this. The pressed glitters are infused with “innovative silicones” to improve adherence to the eyes, which I appreciate because you don’t necessarily need a glitter glue. I would, however, advise you to use glitter glue just to help reduce fallout and prolong wear time.


Final thoughts

I LOVE the foundation but this isn’t a foundation I would use as an everyday foundation. Even though it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin, it’s still a really full coverage foundation and I prefer these for “special occasions /events”.

The full-size liquid lipstick feels better on the lips than the mini but if you don’t mind the slight tacky feeling then the minis are the way to go, as you’re able to buy the little sets of four.

I’m pleased with the performance of the eyeshadows as well as the selection of shades in each palette. My one critique on the New Nudes palette is that there aren’t any deep matte shades to add dimension. The darkest colour in the palette is Love Bitez which is more of berry tone.

Overall, I must say that I’m pretty impressed with the products I’ve tried from the Huda Beauty brand. She’s released power bullet lipsticks that come in a variety of cool and warm shade and I’m really intrigued by these and have a few on my wishlist. She’s also released her first face setting spray but this has mixed reviews so I think I’ll give it a skip.

Let me know if you own anything from this brand and what your thoughts are? Also, have you seen the shades of the power bullet lipsticks? The shade interview is the one I’m eyeing.





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