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Nivea Q10 Power Range {Review}

Testing new skincare is both exciting and terrifying. You either end up with great results or your skin could react to an ingredient causing havoc. I’ve come to realise the importance of reading the ingredient lists. One just has to be more observant of how your skin reacts to certain types of products. Through trial and error, you’ll eventually understand how your skin behaves.

Rubybox selected me to be part of a trial team testing out the new Nivea Q10 Power Range. I’ve been using the products I was sent consistently for four weeks and ready to share my thoughts.


Nivea Q10 Power Range

About this range

Discover the NEW NIVEA Anti-WrinkleQ10 POWER range – our best Q10ever. With its new design and formula, the combination of cell-active Q10 and 10x more creatine* stimulates natural collagen production** within the skin, for visibly reduced wrinkles in four weeks and tangibly firmer skin in just two.


Product Information

I received the following items:


NIVEA Q10 Power Anti-Wrinkle Replenishing Serum Pearls is enriched with skin’s own Coenzyme Q10 and Hyaluronic Acid. These Replenishing Pearls offer pure anti-wrinkle power for a noticeably softer, smoother skin and younger-looking complexion.



NIVEA Q10 Power Anti-Wrinkle + Pore Refining Day Cream effectively fights the appearance of lines & wrinkles and leaves skin feeling firmer. Specially developed for normal/combination skin. it is enriched with Algae Extract and refines the skin to visibly minimise pores. SPF 15 and UVA filters help protect the skin against sun-induced wrinkle formation and premature skin ageing.




NIVEA Q10 Power Anti-Wrinkle + Firming Night Cream is an intensive hydrating night cream enriched with your skin’s own Coenzyme Q10 and Vitamin A to help the skin regenerate and restore itself during the night. The light and fast-absorbing formula regenerates skin overnight, fights the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and visibly smoothes your skin.


The two ingredients that are included in all 3 products are:

  • Q10 – vital antioxidant and crucial for the energy production process. A reduction in Q10 makes the skin more prone to increased stress and damage. This makes it more susceptible to fine lines and wrinkles. Integrating products with Q10 into your skincare routine could help to maintain younger-looking skin for longer.
  • Creatine – the depletion in creatine in the skin results in a decline in skin elasticity and promotes the formation of unwanted wrinkles. Applying creatine to the face and body helps to provide new energy to our cellS. This also stimulates collagen production and reduce the signs of ageing.

NIVEA’s Q10 Plus range combines creatine and the co-enzyme Q10 to multiply the anti-ageing benefits. It’s important to increase our skin’s levels of Q10 and creatine as we mature and our natural levels of these ingredients deplete.


My Experience

The little yellow pearls in the NIVEA Q10 POWER ANTI-WRINKLE REPLENISHING SERUM caught my attention. These pearls transform into a silky serum when dispersed through the pump bottle. The serum feels slightly tacky on immediate application but this quickly disappears once the pearls have melted and soaked into the skin. It feels lightweight on the skin which I prefer when it comes to serums. This serum also contains hyaluronic acid which is great for hydration and I must say that it provides ample hydration.

The NIVEA Q10 POWER ANTI-WRINKLE + PORE REFINING DAY CREAM is an intensely hydrating cream that thankfully doesn’t have too thick of a consistency. It provides amazing hydration with no greasy residue or thick film on the skin. It absorbs beautifully and wears well under makeup.

The NIVEA Q10 POWER ANTI-WRINKLE + FIRMING NIGHT CREAM feels thicker than the day cream and I love this because I want a thick velvety cream for my evening routine. There’s something about applying a thickish moisturiser that feels so luxurious and satisfying. Despite its thickish texture, I must say that this moisturiser absorbs pretty quickly and doesn’t feel too heavy on the skin.

My skin looks noticeably more hydrated, radiant and brighter. My fine lines become slightly more prominent when my skin is dehydrated so I can’t tell whether these products have helped diminished my fine lines or if it has just provided enough hydration, therefore, making my fine lines appear less apparent.

The one thing I have noticed is how well it has helped repair the one pimple scar I had. The scar is considerably lighter, in fact, its hardly visible.

I’ll have to update this post in a few weeks to comment on whether I’ve seen any obvious difference with my fine lines.



Final Thoughts

I loved testing out these three products from the Nivea Q10 Power Range and will continue using them until I have finished them.

So could this range be for you? Well, if you’re struggling with dull, dehydrated skin, fine lines and scarring then I’d recommend that you try this range.

My skin is looking rejuvenated, plumped and my one scar has nearly disappeared so I’m gonna continue using these and will be sure to share some more findings.

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these?

Would you try them out after reading this review?




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  • Sherry

    I love that the pearls actually have hyaluronic acid which I know is also good for acne prone skin (like mine) this post really was informative. I might try this out just to get started 🌿🌷 Thank you for this.

  • Lynette de Sousa

    Omg would definitely try these out! They all sound amazing! I also have dehydrated, dull skin with fine lines and scars! My moisturizer is running out anyways so might just try some of these items! Thanks for always giving us such awesome truthful reviews!!!

    • Yolanda Jeftha

      Best part is that they’re pretty affordable.
      If you do decide to purchase it make sure that you leave the day cream to soak in and absorb properly before applying your makeup

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