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Spongelle Body Care Products From Milo&Mo

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Autumn is in full swing and I’ve already packed away all my summer and spring clothing and unpacked warm clothes. Season changes don’t just call for a complete wardrobe change but also proper skin care because the dry air can wreak havoc on ones skin.
Today I’ll be sharing my thoughts on two products I received from Milo&Mo from the Spongelle range. I’ve reviewed a few other products I received from them sometime last year, so if you’re keen on reading that one then please click here.

About Spongelle


Hubba community member Spongellé (pronounced sponge·gel·lay) founded in 2010. The company is based in Los Angeles, California, produces ‘body buffers’ that are infused with exotic extracts, rich moisturizers, and gentle cleansers. Spongellé holds multiple patents on their products as well as their infusion process. They have received glowing press reviews by respected media outlets such as Good Morning America, Allure Magazine, and (just to name a few) and have recently been picked up by Canadian luxury department store chain to Hudson’s Bay Company, in addition to being stocked in over 300 stores worldwide.”

Spongelle – FabFitFun Honey Blossom

I did a bit of research on the company and came across their website. What I found most interesting is that you can actually shop by fragrance and the honey Blossom fragrance falls under the FabFitFun category which I think is so fitting. I received the honey blossom body lotion as well as the limited edition body wash infused buffer.


The packaging of the body buffer is not only eye-catching but so unique. I love the vibrant colours on all the packaging as well as their “Beyond Cleansing” logo that’s prominently featured on all of their products. The buffer comes in a square cardboard tray that slides open and can be reused if you need to store your buffer when travelling. The actual buffer is white, comes shaped in a flower and the size fits perfectly in my hand.
The body lotion comes in a slim 355ml plastic bottle. It also has a pump, which means no messes and the design printed on the actual bottle is very youthful but still has a really classy feel to it.

My experience with the products

When I opened the package from Milo and Mo I immediately got this amazing honey blossom scent. The hypnotic notes of honeysuckle, musk and creamy vanilla took me to another place. It’s honestly such a delightful scent.
I’ve been using these products for over 3 weeks and although it states on the buffer box that you can get at least 14 uses, I think I got around 16 uses. I guess it all depends how long you shower for as well as how long you have the buffer under water. I loved the convenience of having the body wash infused into the buffer and whats even better is that the body wash contains extracts of yuzu, edelweiss and vetiver root to cleanse, exfoliate, massage, and hydrate the skin. I also noticed that the buffer is made to retain the body wash so well that it doesn’t drip once you’ve showered, so you’re not losing product. Genius!
The body lotion has a very lightweight feel to it. It’s enriched with Shea Butter, Argan Oil, Avocado Oil, Macadamia Oil, and Vitamin E. We know that these are key ingredients for dry skin and it’s exactly what this body lotion provides. It also absorbs pretty fast which is an important factor because I dislike very thick body lotion as some take a while to absorb. There’s nothing worse than being in a rush and then struggling to get your pants on because your body lotion hasn’t dried properly.

Final Thoughts

Pampering myself has never been this easy. What I love most about these products, specifically the buffer is that it not only acts as an exfoliant that removes all dry skin because of the material used but also cleanses using their Proprietary Infusion Technology and treats the skin. An all in one beauty treatment.
There’s honestly nothing better than feeling rejuvenated after a lovely shower using products that leave your skin feeling smooth and well moisturised.

Disclaimer: Please note that I received these products in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion. All opinions expressed are genuinetruthful and fair-minded

I absolutely love the Milo and Mo online store. Not only do they have a huge selection of authentic international makeup, Korean skincare and other very nifty products that are perfect as gifts but their services are outstanding.
They also have an amazing Prize valued at R5000 up for grabs running for the month of May. You receive an entry to this draw for every R250 spent. So be sure to check out their online store and grab yourself some Spongella goodies. Wink Wink! Lol!
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