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Cherubs – Eco-Facial Wipes, Cottonwool Rounds and ECOtton buds review

Hey lovelies
I know it’s been a while but so much has happened these past few weeks that I haven’t been able to sit down and get to some proper writing. Fear not though because I’m back and I thought I would share my thought on the products that were sent to me by BeautyBulletin.
BeautyBulletin is an online word of mouth marketing platform. Anyone is able to create a profile and they try and match you with suitable products and compatible projects. What I love about Beautybulletin is that they give women the opportunity to try out different products and to share their thoughts and experiences on different platforms. This is a great way of creating awareness and it “creates better brands and more conscious consumers.”
They sent me a really awesome parcel that included the following Cherubs products.

Disclaimer: Please note that I received these products in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion. All opinions expressed are genuinetruthful and fair-minded.


Cherubs Flushable cottonwool rounds – 80 – R22.60

These cottonwool rounds work perfectly to remove makeup or to apply toner after you have cleansed your face. What I love about them, is that they don’t feel flimsy. They are made from 100% pure cotton, a clear indication that they are of great quality. They don’t come apart while using them and don’t leave those tiny fluff bits all over your face like some brands do.

Cherubs Flushable ECOtton buds – 100 – R8.41 

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Another product that is made from 100% pure cotton. These ECOtton buds have a unique stem that is paper-based an are therefore biodegradable and flushable. I was quite surprised when I read that the stem is paper-based because it feels quite sturdy. I broke one in half to see the centre of the stem and these are definitely made from paper. The actual bud also feels great. They are firm, yet soft so you won’t have any issues using them.

Cherubs Oily / Combination Lightly Fragranced Eco-Facial Wipes – 60s – R44,99

For those of you who don’t know, I have an oily to combination skin type. I have an extremely oily t-zone and the rest of my skin is pretty normal. So these wipes were the first ones I tried. I wanted to see how well these worked to remove makeup and I must say I was quite impressed. For days when I wore very light makeup I needed about 2 wipes and with heavier makeup, I needed 3-4 wipes. I also took a cottonwool pad to see if there was any makeup left behind after I had used these wipes and there wasn’t, so another huge thumbs up.
I did, however, experience a very strange sensation around my eye area and didn’t think much of it after the first use. I continued using it for about 2 days and then realised that these burned the sensitive area around my eyes. I’m not sure which ingredient caused the reaction but I, unfortunately, had to stop using these around my eye area but still continued using it around the rest of my face.
What I love most about these wipes is how soft the actual material feels on the skin. They are soft, light and airy so very gentle on the skin. These are also biodegradable, alcohol and paraben free and contain unique extracts such as lemon, ivy and sage that is specifically suited for oily to combination skin types. I loved the subtle fragrance because it’s not overwhelming at all and the best part is that the pack with 60 has a very nifty clip lid that seals closed securely. I really love this feature because it prevents moisture loss.

Cherubs Normal Lightly Fragranced Eco-Facial Wipes – 24s – R24.99

I gave these facial wipes to my mom to use as she has normal skin. What really got my attention with these wipes is that they contain rooibos and papaya extracts. These ingredients are both natural and rich in powerful antioxidants.
I knew my mom would love these. She said these left her skin feeling well cleansed and soft. She also loved they it didn’t leave the skin feeling dry after use.
This specific pack doesn’t have the clip but it does have a resealable plastic strip ( all the packs of 24 do). These work pretty well as long as you don’t get it wet or oily, or else it won’t seal properly and the wipes will lose moisture.
The packs of 24 are a great size for travelling, they’re small enough to slip into your handbag.

Cherubs Sensitive / Dry Lightly Fragranced Eco-Facial Wipes – 24s – R24.99

So after my incident with the wipes for oily/combination skin type, I decided to give these a try seeing as they’re specifically made for sensitive skin. I don’t have dry skin and so only used these around my eye area and I’m so glad I did because they worked perfectly. There was no irritation at all and it removed my eye makeup with ease. When I say eye makeup I mean my eyeshadow and eyeliner. These wipes, unfortunately, don’t wipe away waterproof mascara. I mean, you could try, like I did but it isn’t that easy to remove. I mainly use it to remove my eyeshadow and eyeliner.
These wipes contain sea fennel and chamomile extract and both ingredients work amazingly well for sensitive skin. They also leave the skin feeling well moisturised so these are actually perfect for the eye area.

Final Thoughts


I would like to thank BeautyBulletin for sending these products to me. I thoroughly enjoyed using them and will continue doing so because they work well and the best part is that they are extremely affordable.
Not only are these products made in South Africa but they are also biodegradable and cruelty-free. The cottonwool rounds and ECOtton buds are flushable and all the wipes are alcohol and paraben free.
This company has gone the extra mile to produce products that cater for different skin types, each pack also contains amazing ingredients that provides added benefits for ones skin and the best part is that they are all environmentally friendly. This is a brand I know many ladies would love. How can you not? They’ve gone above and beyond.
I hope you guys enjoyed this review as much as I enjoyed writing it. Have you heard of this brand? Have you tried any of the products? If not, would you give it a try after reading this review? I would love to hear from you guys?
Toodles Stunners!! XoXo
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