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Morphe 39s Such a Gem Palette {Review}

I’m not gonna lie, Morphe has been a hit or miss brand for me. The quality of some products is outstanding and then you find others that are simply disappointing. Morphe as a brand is inconsistent, which is sad but true. I would never use my platform to bash a brand because I know that what works for me won’t necessarily work for the next person.

Purple, lol, need I say more? So many of my followers dm’d me when they saw sneak peeks of this palette. They knew that I would lose my mind, haha. And man, were they right. It was love at first sight. A purple lovers dream. I know, dramatic, but the colour story just spoke to me and that middle row of “toppers” really caught my attention.

Morphe 39S Such A Gem – $35



Introducing new silk slip toppers

Sassy pinks. Stunning purples. Rich, vibrant hues. And a touch of glitter, of course. This multi-faceted mix is your new bejewelled bestie. Use the matte, sheen, and shimmer finishes to luxe up your face and eye looks, and then smooth on our brand-new silk slip toppers for a flashy highlight or next-level eye look. Each one of these seven plush formulas has been sized up for an effect that really is extra. You’ll love how these velvety babes glide on like a gel and set like a powder. And you’ll be looking gorg. You know, like you do.



The palette is housed in their cardboard packaging, instead of the old plastic ones. It has the standard Morphe logo on the front. I like that Morphe keeps their packaging sleek and fuss-free. I do however wish that the names of the shadows were printed below each shadow instead of the plastic sheet that they always include. There’s also no mirror which I’m perfectly ok with but I know many beauty enthusiasts who would prefer if it were included.


Eyeshadow and Pigmentation

This massive palette has 39 shades, 13 vibrant mattes, 18 “shimmers”, 1 pressed glitter and then 7 of their new supersize Silk toppers.

It seems there are 6 types of finishes as listed below. I didn’t know this until I went onto their site to read what the palette is all about.

I enjoy the matte shadows in the palette. They’re all pigmented and blend well. Even the purple shades worked well and these are generally difficult to formulate.

I initially felt a little let down by some of the “shimmer shades”, I felt that some lacked pigment and others just didn’t give enough of a shimmery effect. Until I read the description of the different formulas and it seems those few that “lacked” oomph are actually sheer shimmers or the sheen formula, which explains a lot.

Below is a list of the different formulas and a description of each.
  • Matte: Get major pigment payoff by applying these shades over a base of Eyelid Primer.
  • Sheer shimmer: Sweep these hues on for a soft wash of colour with a pop of sparkle.
  • Sheen: Use these hotties to give your face and eye looks some low-key luster.
  • Shimmer: These high-shine hues blend like a dream—no matter where you place ‘em.
  • Glitter: Pack this glitz on with your finger or a flat synthetic brush. Bam.
  • Silk slip toppers: These cream-to-powder babes glide on in a range of velvety, shimmer-to-suede finishes.

I can understand why they decided to include a few different formulas. This offers more versatility. I enjoyed the mattes, the shimmers, the one pressed glitter and the silk toppers. These all performed well.

My favourite has to be the “silk toppers”. This palette introduced me to this type of formula and Morphe has included these in a few palettes after the launch of the 39s. They don’t have a highly pigmented base but they can transform any shadow. If a beautiful sheen, shimmery and subtle glittery almost wet look effect is what you’re drawn to then you’ll enjoy these.

I’m not a big fan of sheer shimmers and sheen shadows. These just don’t excite me at all. I often feel like I need to build it up to get the desired effect and have to constantly remind myself that they’re supposed to be subtle. These kinda formulas would probably work well for those who want to add a little something extra to their everyday looks but don’t want something too bold, bright and in your face.



ROW 1:

  • Makin’ Bank / shimmering lilac
  • Posh Boss / matte heather greige
  • Boujee / matte tropical hibiscus
  • Dazzle ‘Em / sheer pewter shimmer
  • Pearlfection / mother of pearl satin
  • Super Swanky / matte latte
  • Flaunt It / ripe raspberry satin
  • Plums Up / matte plummy merlot

ROW 2:

  • Mauvelous / shimmering cherry macaron
  • Pink Prize / matte bubblegum
  • Amethyst Awe / vibrant amethyst satin
  • Treasure Trove/shimmering wrought iron
  • Ritzy Rose / shimmering strawberry frosé
  • Decadent AF / matte chocolate caramel
  • Berry Good / matte hot pink carnation
  • That’s Tempting/matte mahogany rust

ROW 3: New Formula!

  • Take the Crown / polished chrome silk slip topper
  • Oh Yasss / cotton candy silk slip topper
  • Total Goals / frosted berry silk slip topper
  • Catch the Light / white gold silk slip topper
  • Bling Thing / rose gold silk slip topper
  • Here for It / holographic peony silk slip topper
  • Strike a Pose/raspberry jam silk slip topper

ROW 4:

  • Laven-dare / sheer icy lavender shimmer
  • Purple Majesty / matte blooming orchid
  • It’s Violit / sheer summer violet shimmer
  • Make It Reign / matte royal indigo
  • You Fancy / shimmering autumn blaze
  • Fame Game / matte black walnut
  • Extra Oomph / shimmering ember
  • Wine Not? / matte mulberry wine

ROW 5:

    • Peri-twinkle / shimmering icy periwinkle
    • Loaded Lilac / shimmering blushy lilac
    • Grape Minds/matte brilliant violet
    • Shiny Object / shimmering steel
    • Pure Luxe / shimmering peach
    • Show Off / bronzed flame glitter
    • Garnet Glam / shimmering inky garnet
    • Rocks On / matte obsidian with silver sparkle


Final Thoughts

This palette is huge, probably the biggest palette in my collection. It’s a purple palette but I like that they’ve included other shades (pinks, berries and deep tones) that pair well with purple tones.

It usually retails for $35 which is a decent price for the size of the palette. But they’re running a sale and you can grab this palette for $22. That’s a total steal but I’m not sure when this sale ends.

Overall, I enjoy this palette. I love the selection of shades and appreciate that they’ve given more to work with when it comes to the different formulas.

Let me know if you own this palette and if you enjoy it? If you don’t own it, would you purchase it after reading this review? Let me know




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  • Aisha

    I loved this palette when I saw it initially but like you said, formula is so hit and miss so I didn’t bother to get it as I had other purple toned palettes in my collection already. I definitely think the Colourpop It’s My Pleasure performs better than this one, although it only has 9 shades. I must admit though, the recent Morphe palettes that I’ve tried have been quite impressive, including the blush trio’s. They are so so pretty and soft. I’ve only tried one of the 3 though but I’ve added the bigger blush palettes to my wishlist.

    Great review and beautiful, crisp pictures 😍

    • Yolanda Jeftha

      I also prefer the Colourpop It’s my pleasure palette in terms of formula but the purples in this ones are stunning. Also, those silk toppers are gorgeous.

      I’m enjoying the Morphe Jaclyn vol 2 which is my most recent Morphe palette purchase and the formula is outstanding.
      Eager to try another to see how they compare.

      Thanks for the blush trio suggestion. I’ve actually been eyeing those. Now I at least know that they’re a good buy.

      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. Your love and support means the world to me

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