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ABH Month – Soft Glam Palette Review

Hey, Stunners!

Happy Monday! I’m sure those of you who have followed my “ABH Month” series would know that this is the last Monday of February, meaning it’s the last post of this cycle as every month will be different.

I’ve enjoyed this series and excited to start the one for the month of March,  so if you’re keen, then please be sure to stick around.

I think I’ve saved the best for last and if you haven’t caught up with the other three, that being the “Prism palette“, “Modern Renaissance Vs Wet n wild rose in the air” and the “Master by Mario palette ” then be sure to click on them to read my thoughts.

The ABH Soft Glam was on my “black Friday 2018 lust list” because I had seen soo many makeup artists rave about it. I also know many makeup enthusiasts who, at first glance, found this palette rather “boring” because let’s be serious, there are countless warm-toned neutral palettes out there but not all of them are formulated with such great quality.




I’m sure by now, most of you are familiar with the ABH packaging. The casing has the same velvet textured material, black interior, decent size mirror and dual-ended brush. The colour of the cover is a soft tan shade which looks really elegant, probably one of my favourite colours even though it’s so hard to keep clean lol.


Eyeshadows and pigmentation

This palette has 14 shadows (9 matte shades and 5 metallic/multidimensional shades) and 3 of these that being tempera (a matte beige), Burnt Orange (a matte deep orange), and Cyprus Umber (a matte espresso) appear in the Modern Renaissance palette as well. I own the Modern Rennaissance palette and don’t mind that these shades have been repeated as they’re some of my most reached for shades.



Shades included:

Tempera (Ultra-matte velvety beige)

Glistening (Iridescent gold with a hint of pink reflect)

Orange Soda (Ultra-matte pastel peach)

Rose Pink (Rose gold with a soft pink iridescent hue)

Sultry (A hybrid satin metallic finish warm chocolate brown)

Bronze (Metallic gold bronze)

Mulberry (Ultra-matte mulberry)

Dusty Rose (Ultra-matte dusty lilac)

Fairy (Multi-dimensional light gold)

Burnt Orange (Ultra-matte deep orange)

Sienna (Ultra-matte earthy brown)

Rustic (Ultra-matte deep cinnamon brown)

Cyprus Umber (Ultra-matte dark coffee)

Noir (Ultra-matte deep carbon black)


I can’t fault the quality of these shadows because they’re a dream to work with. If the matte shades are highly pigmented, smooth and blend with ease and the metallic shades rich in colour and give an incredible shine even without the help of a wet brush, then you know you have an outstanding palette. The Soft Glam palette ticks all those boxes and the only downside to these super soft shadows is the kickback, so I’d advise you to go in with a light hand.


Final thoughts


To me, Soft Glam is an essential neutral palette for matric dances, formal events, weddings and even every day, work appropriate looks.

I find this palette to be very versatile; there are so many beautiful variations of looks that you can create. Anything from super simple classic elegant looks to those sultry full out glam looks. It has become one of my most reached for palettes and a great addition to my collection. What’s not to love about this palette?

Have you enjoyed this series? If you had to choose one ABH palette, which one would it be and why?


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