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ABH Month – Prism Palette Review

Hey Stunners
I’ve decided to try something different this year. My makeup collection has grown quite a bit so I figured I’d dedicate a month where I review a certain brand or type of makeup/skincare product from different brands. You can expect a blog post every Monday during this series.
For the month of February, I’ve decided to review the Anastasia Beverly Hills products I own. Today on the blog I’m reviewing the Prism eyeshadow palette. I’ve had this palette for some time now and have played around with it enough to conclude my thoughts on it.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Prism Palette – $42


The Prism palette was released shortly after the Subculture palette and I was actually quite surprised by this. Some say that they did this to try and redeem themselves after all the backlash with the subculture palette. I, however, don’t think companies work in this manner, surely a release is planned months in advance. But who knows??? I don’t own the Subculture palette and pretty bummed because the shades look absolutely stunning. If only they could reformulate it??



The actual box that the palette comes in is matte black and as you can tell, it gets quite ashy with fingerprints and dust. The palette itself comes in their usual velvet cover with cardboard casing, magnetic closure and includes a dual-ended brush. Urg! These covers are beautiful to look at but it really is such a pain to keep it clean. The velvet attracts all sorts of dust particles and it really shows on black as I’m sure you can tell in these pictures.

Eyeshadows and Pigmentation



The shade selection and layout of the palette is very unconventional and I think this is what attracted me to it the most. I’m used to coherent eyeshadow palettes where I can easily create a few looks without having to feel too overwhelmed or having to reach for another palette. This palette sure has allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and I feel I say that with most “artist” palettes because your girl isn’t a makeup artist, just a fanatic.


The shades dimension, lure, Osiris, throne and Saturn are some shades that appealed to me the most in terms colour. Unfortunately not all the shades are as pigmented as I would’ve expected especially from the brand. Dimension, Eden, Osiris and Eternal are less pigmented or opaque as some of the other shades but still work perfectly, you just have to build it up a bit. I get the best result by either wetting the brush or applying a glitter glue with the shade dimension which is really sad because it’s the one shade I was soo excited to use. The rest of the eyeshadows are buttery soft, highly pigmented, they blend beautifully and wear amazingly well throughout the day (as is expected from this brand).

According to the Anastasia Beverly Hills site, the shades are described as:
Lucid: Duo chrome white gold with pink reflect
Eden: Ultra-matte coral pink
Unity: Ultra-matte nude ochre
Sphinx: Metallic warm bronze
Osiris: Metallic midnight violet with red reflect
Sphere: Ultra-matte electric green-yellow
Obsidian: Ultra-matte deep black
Dimension: Duo chrome silver-grey with pink reflect
Parallel: Ultra-matte truffle
Pyramid: Metallic yellow gold with green reflect
Throne: Metallic blackened blue-green with multicolour reflect
Saturn: Ultra-matte terracotta
Eternal: Metallic violet copper
Lure: Ultra-matte ashy lilac

Final Thoughts

Even though I don’t reach for this palette as much as some of my other ABH palettes, I’m still keeping it. Most of the eyeshadows perform brilliantly and the palette itself is so unusual that I know I’ll achieve a look that’s just a little bit different from what I’m used to or what my other palettes can offer. It also encourages me to be a little more creative.
Do I love the palette? Yes, because it’s unique. Would I recommend it? Probably only to makeup artists and those with a more artistic flair.
Let me know if you own this palette and what your thoughts are? Also, as a makeup artist or fanatic, would you consider adding this to your collection?
Remember, I’ll be posting another review on an ABH product next week Monday, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled.



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