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Morphe X Jaclyn Hill Volume II Eyeshadow Palette Review

Hey beauties

Today we have another eyeshadow palette review. Not surprised, right? You can certainly count on me to review some (not all, I repeat, not all) of the hot and trendy palette releases.

This post is an exciting one as I’m collaborating with a fellow makeup enthusiast. Lynette de Sousa is a talented South African makeup artist who now resides in Malta. I’ve been following her for some time now and so amazed by her work. Not only is she super talented but one can tell she’s truly passionate about what she does. Her creativity and work rate is truly inspiring.

Lynette and I have decided to share our thoughts and experiences on the Morphe X Jaclyn Hill Volume II eyeshadow palette. We had spoken about the palette shortly after the release and definitely influenced each other on this purchase (makeup addicts by heart lol).

So without rambling on any further, let’s get into this review.


Morphe X Jaclyn Hill Volume II Eyeshadow Palette – $39

Jaclyn mentioned in her reveal video that her palette was leaked. It’s so unfortunate when this happens to artists/creators. It steals their spotlight and the overall hype around the release. I was nonetheless really excited for her and couldn’t wait for her reveal video.

She released her first palette with Morphe about 2 and half years ago and that palette to this day remains one of my favourite palettes.

The volume II is another 35 pan palette and is said to be complementary to the 1st one and as Jaclyn said, volume II it like a “sexy older sister”.



This volume II like the first one is kept sleek. I know they’ve changed the outer packaging of the 1st and gave it a glossy finish to keep it clean. The same white outer packaging is used, just a different font for the name and her little message inside the palette is different from the 1st. You also find shadow names printed below each of the pans which is a huge plus for me. There’s no mirror but I don’t mind this at all.



Eyeshadow and pigmentation

We have 35 shadows with a mix of formulas. We have straight up mattes, satins, shimmers as well as glitter with a slight shift to it (new).



ROW 1:

  • Certified / matte pearl
  • I’m In It / satin cotton candy
  • Love Handles / matte peach cobbler
  • Comfort Zone / matte nutmeg
  • Perfectionist / matte nectarine
  • Ride-or-Diamonds / shimmering rosy copper
  • Thick Skin / matte terracotta



ROW 2:

  • No Joke / matte dandelion
  • Taliya / shimmering gold leaf
  • Feelin’ Myself / matte tangerine
  • Homebody / matte mahogany
  • GRWM / shimmering natural copper
  • Boujee / shimmering peach bellini
  • Drama Queen / shimmering pink diamond



ROW 3:

  • Flawed & Awed/shimmering marmalade
  • G-Money / matte mustard seed
  • Positivi-TEA / matte electric coral
  • My Man / matte neon orange
  • Grateful/matte clay brick
  • Heart On / matte strawberry daiquiri
  • Livin’ My Best / matte cherry with pink sparkle



ROW 4:

  • A Moment/shimmering lilac
  • Therapy Sesh / matte orchid
  • Lolli Mama / matte fuchsia
  • Tipsy Girl / matte hot pink
  • Empowered / shimmering raspberry jam
  • Next/matte sangria
  • Dance Party / matte fruit punch


ROW 5:

  • Stay True/matte berry
  • Not My Journey / matte amethyst with pink sparkle
  • Good Place / satin purple tulip
  • Paolo / shimmering fig
  • Oh, Hello! / matte black raspberry
  • Crazy/matte merlot
  • Temptress / glinting pitch black


I love that she included a matte cream colour as well as a black shadow. Most of us want these two shades, especially in bigger palettes and ones we’d considered travelling with.

One thing I have to mention after playing around with the palette is that the three neutral brown matte shades in the top row as well as a few of the shimmers in the top right corner, look very similar once they’re on the lid.

If you’re considering buying this palette thinking that you’ll be able to create a variety of neutral looks, you will not be able to.

But as far as bright coloured looks, there is a huge variety and all of these shades perform extremely well.

Those shimmers in the top right corner give more of a topper effect when applied with your finger or using a dry brush. Although beautiful, I feel like most of you would feel like these are a little lacklustre and not your usual buttery, pigmented metallic shades. They’re not richly pigmented but use these shadows with a wet brush and you’ll see their true beauty.


They still give a gorgeous soft glittery over effect when applied dry and over other shadows.

I had absolutely no issues with the mattes and the other metallic shades. They were all smooth to the touch, super pigmented, buildable and blendable.



Final thoughts

In comparison to her first palette, I have to say that this one is definitely warmer toned and a whole lot brighter. Therefore, if you’re not a warm-toned lover then this palette won’t be for you.

This one is sort of more specifically catered to those who are eyeshadow junkies, those of you who love collecting eyeshadow palettes and love experimenting with brighter colours.

Personally for me, for what I like and what gravitate towards, I really like this palette. I think it’s beautiful and has enough shades to create a few neutral looks.

I’m excited to create brighter and more daring looks using this palette and will be sure to share these on my social platforms, so be sure to follow me.

As mentioned above, myself the great gorgeous Lynette_de_Sousa are collaboration on this review. She’s posting a detailed YouTube review so please check out her video and please follow her on Instagram.

Her links:

Also, let me know if you’re interested in this palette and if you’d consider adding it to your collecting?





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