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Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette VS Bad Habit Royals Eyeshadow Palette

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Hope you’re all doing well and enjoying Spring as much as I am. Also, how amazing is it to know that we’re literally a few weeks away until the Festive season starts? My birthday is on the 29th of December so you can only imagine how exciting this time of the year is for me.
So I’m turning 30 this year. Yeah, I know, 30 *inserts shocked face* but I’m ready for this next stage in my life and embracing it to the fullest. I’ve decided to do a birthday giveaway seeing as I’m celebrating the “BIG 30”. I’ll run the giveaway for a month and I’ll have all the details up on the 29th of November, so please keep your eyes peeled for that because I’ve been planning this for the past few months and I can’t wait to share it with you guys.
Today’s post is another really exciting one. I’m comparing the ABH Modern Renaissance and the Bad Habit Royals eyeshadow palettes. I came across a really amazing online store called Shophush, do yourself a favour and go have a look. They sell amazing brands that create dupes for high-end products at a fraction of the price.

When I saw this palette I immediately knew that it was a dupe for the ABH Modern Renaissance palette, which I own and wanted to see how these compare in terms shades, pigmentation and the actual quality of the eyeshadows. I know so many would agree that the ABH palette is an amazing palette, the quality of these eyeshadows is out of this world. It’s just a dream to work with and the pigmentation and longevity of these eyeshadows are just on another level.
Did you know that the Modern Renaissance Palette was inspired by the colours of the Renaissance? I didn’t even know this until I did some reading and if you look at this picture you can tell that this was the inspiration.
download (25).jpg
My initial thought of these eyeshadows was that they are very artistic. I’m not a makeup artist, just a fanatic so I knew this palette would push me outside my comfort zone which I’m perfectly fine with because I love trying new things. I’m so glad I chose to invest in it because it has become one of my favourite palettes. The shadows are highly pigmented, perfectly shimmered, creamy, and blend like a dream.


The ABH packaging is cute, I love the soft lilac mauve shade of the actual cover but I’m not a big fan of the velvet material. It’s such a mission to keep this baby clean and the worst part is that when you do try and clean it, it seems like you’re just worsening the stains. The palette does come with a good size mirror as well as a brush.

The packaging of the Bad Habit Royals palette is pretty, I love the pink marble effect of the cover as well as the gold writing. They did pretty well. The best part is that it won’t get dirty and stained. It also comes with a mirror which is pretty awesome considering what it costs.

Eyeshadow shade comparison

Both the ABH and Bad Habit palettes have 14 eyeshadows, the layout of these are similar but not in the exact same spots. Some shades are almost identical and other either a tad lighter or darker but it’s only really noticeable if you try and sit down and do a side by side comparison which I’ve done and will show you below.

To make it easier I’ve used the abbreviations ABH for the Anastasia Beverly Hills palettes and BH for the Bad Habit palette. 
ABH Tempura vs BH Treasury 
A light nude colour and both apply with ease, are quite pigmented and great as a brow bone or inner corner colour. I also love placing this all over my lid when I want a brighter lid when doing a darker outer corner.


ABH Golden Ochre vs BH Opulent
You can tell that the ABH is definitely more pigmented and even looks more creamy. These are both matte eyeshadows and look almost identical. The BH might not be as pigmented or creamy but it doesn’t lack it and applies beautifully.


ABH Vermeer vs BH Queen
A gentle rose quartz pink colour that is just absolutely stunning. One of my favourite shades in both palettes. What I love is that the BH palette is so close to the ABH in terms of pigment and shimmer. You wouldn’t be able to tell them apart if I had to ask which is which.


ABH Buon Fresco vs BH Primrose
This is another matte shades and you can once again tell that the ABH is creamier and more pigmented. The BH is a tad bit lighter and looks more purplish.


ABH Antique Bronze vs BH Honor 
A gorgeous rusty shimmery brown. I did, however, find that this applies more reddish than what it appears in the pan with both shadows. The BH is also a smidge deeper and appears more bronzy as you can tell in this swatch.


ABH Love Letter vs BH Regal
A red wine dark pink tone matte shade that is absolutely gorgeous. Ok, so I found it a little difficult to match Love letter and Red Orche from the ABH palette with the two shades in the BH palette. My eyes were really playing games with me so I really hope I got it right. Once again you can tell that the ABH is more pigmented. I found that Regal has to be built up a bit in order to get the desired pigmentation but once you do, it looks just as stunning.


ABH Cyprus Amber vs BH Grand
Cyprus is a gorgeous dark brown matte shade that honestly just applies like a dream. Seamless application and blends with ease. It is a tinge bit darker than Grand but an almost exact match.


ABH Raw Sienna vs BH Noble

A unique dark yellow-brown matte shade. Noble is a smidge lighter but I love that these eyeshadows are buildable.



ABH Burnt Orange vs BH Heir

Burnt Orange is another yellow brownish matte shade but this one is a little lighter than Raw Sienna above. Another stunning shade and Heir in the BH palette is such a close match.



ABH Primavera vs BH Crown

Gold shimmer eyeshadows have to be one of my favourite shades. Both these apply with ease and you can tell from the swatch that Primavera is a little deeper than Crown. They’re both stunning though.



ABH Red Orche vs BH Reign

A beautiful matte dark burnt red shade that mixes beautifully with Raw Sienna and Burnt Orange for a stunning burnt orange autumn look. Reign in the BH palette isn’t as pigmented and another shade that has to be built up a bit in order to get the desired effect.



ABH Venetian Red vs BH Majestic

A fairly shimmered dark red matte shade that works well with Love letter. This is the other two I had difficulty matching. The texture looks the same but you can tell from the swatches that the undertones are a little different. They both applied well and blends beautifully.



ABH Warm Taupe vs BH Throne

A matte taupe shade that is quite unique. These shades look almost identical and both apply and blend well.



ABH Realgar vs BH Monarch

A Gorgeous orange matte shade that has some yellow and red undertones. This is another one of my favourites. Both work pretty well and are close matches.



Overall Thoughts

The Anastasia Beverly Hills is a cult favourite and worth every penny. These eyeshadows are super soft and I must admit that I felt a little anxious because I thought they would sheer out quite a bit when blended but was quite surprised to find how well they stayed and wore. I did also notice that because the eyeshadows are so soft that there’s quite a bit of kick up. The mattes are by far my favourite because they blend with ease and the colours only start fading after about 8 hours of wear.

Bad Habit has really done an amazing job trying to create a dupe for the ABH Modern Renaissance palette. The Royals palette is great for those who would love to play around with these shade but can’t afford to fork out $42. This palette only costs $10 which completely blew my mind. It’s honestly a really great palette, especially at this price. The eyeshadows, although not as pigmented as the ABH palette, don’t lack pigment and the few that do go on a little lighter can always be built up. There’s also hardly any kick up which is amazing.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Would you like more post like these? Would you purchase the Bad Habit Royals palette after reading this review?
PS. on Instagram is the only online store I know of that stock these Bad Habit palettes. You’ll thank me later. lol
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