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My current favourite Colourpop eyeshadow palette

Hey guys!
I have been so excited to publish this post because it’s something myself and Simone over at “An Ordinary Gal” have been planning for a while. So the day is finally here and we have such an exciting week ahead. Just to give you a summary, we’re doing an eyeshadow palette review every day for the next 5 days and there’s a little surprise on day 5 so you definitely don’t want to miss out on this.
I’m sure you’re quite curious to find out which of the many Colourpop eyeshadows that were released in the past few months, is my favourite. I feel like they’ve been releasing new products every 2nd week and it’s hard to keep up. Quite overwhelming if you’re a Colourpop fan like me.
So, can you guess which palette it is? It’s the Colourpop X KathleenLights Dream St palette. If you’ve been following me for a while you would know that Kathleen Lights is my favourite YouTuber. I’m honestly such a huge fan and just love her to bits… everything about her. So when I saw that she was busy with a new makeup release/collab I made sure I was on it. Luckily Kathleen has good taste 😉

Colourpop Dream St



This has to be my favourite design from all the Colourpop eyeshadow palettes I own. It comes in the normal magnetic cardboard casing with a stunning marble rose gold design that looks super stylish and classy. The addition of the stars and moon sure does give that dreamy effect so I can see where the inspiration came from. My girl Kathleen Lights did an amazing job with the look of this baby.


Colourpop Dream St - slayuniqueness
The palette contains 12 pressed shadows ranging from warm neutrals to stunning pops of colour. I think she did well in choosing a combination of basic shades that will work well for most skin tones and for everyday looks, as well as stunning shades to add some playfulness to the palette for more eye-catching/bold looks. I also love that it has a good selection of textures varying from mattes (6) to shimmers/metallics (5) and even a stunning satin (1). Below are shade names and the description from the Colourpop website. From left to right, starting from the top left shadow to the bottom right shadow.
Colourpop Dream St - slayuniqueness

  • Shooting star – matte soft golden brown
  • Magical – matte yellow peach
  • Star dust – metallic true copper
  • Twinkle – metallic true rose gold
  • Sweet dreams – metallic soft champagne with a peachy pink flip
  • Water bear – matte cool teal
  • Potion – matte vivid reddish rust
  • Spark – matte neon red
  • Kaleidoscope – metallic intense silvery nude
  • Elfish – matte rich red-brown
  • Moony – satin soft baby pink
  • Mermaid Boy – metallic deep teal

Colourpop Dream St - slayuniqueness
The quality of the eyeshadows is what really intrigued me. The matte shadows are little powdery but they blend beautifully and are extremely pigmented, some of the best matte shadows I’ve used. The one satin/ pearly shadow in the shade Moony is just as stunning, applies with ease and has opaque pigmentation. The metallic shadow is the shade mermaid boy has to be my favourite, its super buttery and seem to have just enough binder to have it apply with ease. Sweet dreams is the only one that I found to be a sheer. You definitely need a dampened brush with this shade.

Dream Team Lip Products

Kathleen also included 3 lip products to this collection. I know we’re just reviewing the palette but I figured I’d discuss the lip products just to give you an overview on this seeing as they’re part of the collection.

  • Ultra Glossy lip in the shade Moonchild – a stunning medium beige nude with subtle gold shimmer. These gold particles aren’t chunky at all, you can’t even tell it’s there. I love this feature in a lipgloss as I feel it adds more dimension and light, therefore, giving the illusion of fuller, lush lips. The texture of the lipgloss is lightweight, not sticky at all and satisfactorily hydrating on the lips.
  • Ultra Satin Lip in the shade Dreamy – described as a burned salmon shade. This is a pretty unique shade in that it has a tinge of pink and coral.
  • Ultra Satin lip in the shade Rever – a bright orange-red. I’m not sure if this shade is just a bit intimidating for me but I feel like it’s a little too bold and Neony on my skin tone. I’ve swatched it once on my lips and felt like it was a little too loud. The satin formula is one of my favourites because it goes on like a cream but sets to a semi-matte finish. It isn’t transfer-proof but its highly pigmented and can last up to 6-8 hours if you’re not drinking and eating too much.

Overall Thoughts

This palette has a lovely assortment of colours and at only $16, I think this is a steal. The only shadow I had issues with, is the metallic shadow in the shade sweet dreams. The rest blended beautifully and are pretty long wearing.
Should you invest in this palette? Absolutely yes! This is a really good palette, it’s beautiful, the shadows are velvety soft and blend really well. They aren’t chalky or dry on the skin and feel really good on the lids.
The Ultra gloss is my favourite lippie from the 3. It just gives that delish effect on the lips. The ultra satin lippies are lovely in terms of formula and I would definitely recommend this formula to those of you who might want to try matte liquid lippies but have naturally dry and dehydrated lips. I love the shade Dreamy as a toned down but still vivid everyday shade. Rever is the one I still need to wear for a full day and see how I feel about the shade because it is a little intimidating.
I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Let me know if you own it and if you love it as much as I do. I’m heading over to “An Ordinary Gals” blog to see which Colourpop palette she’s reviewing today.
Stay tuned for tomorrow’s eyeshadow palette review.
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