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Colourpop Individual Pressed Powder Shadows – review and swatches

Hi Stunners
I hope you guys have had an awesome long weekend. I know for so many of us this is the perfect time to just recharge our batteries seeing as 1/3 of the year is already gone. I spent most of my time chilling, playing around with makeup and lots of reading (my fiance has been studying so I had to keep myself busy with my own things).
I’m not sure if you’re aware but not too long ago I decided to start importing some international makeup brands. I’m certain that those who have their own online stores would agree that the process of importing isn’t that easy, especially when you’re just starting out. I really take my hat off for those of you who have made a success of your online businesses, you guys continue to inspire me.
I decided to start with Colourpop because they are an affordable well-known brand that offers really great quality.

About Colourpop

“ColourPop was born, raised and made with love in the City of Angels. Founded in 2014 by Seed Beauty, we pride ourselves on being wallet friendly and bunny approved. We test our products in the nicest way possible, leaving fur babies to be fur babies and experimenting on people instead (the people at ColourPop HQ to be exact!). We like long walks on the beach, sipping margaritas, swatching Lippies in the moonlight, and… oops, got a little sidetracked! Back to business. Trends come and go, so it’s super important to us that you can keep up with this ever-changing industry without breaking the bank. You can try out the latest trends without serious commitment because our luxury formulas are priced for experimentation. They’re also, like, really pretty. We’re dedicated to creating the best possible products in every shade imaginable for our loyal ColourPoppers & ColourPopettes.”
Colourpop offer a huge selection of makeup products, below is a list of some of the items you can find on their website:

  • Ultra Matte liquid lip – long wearing super matte transfer proof
  • Ultra Satin Liquid lip – long wearing matte moisturising
  • Ultra Glossy lip – high-shine moisturising
  • Ultra Metallic lip – mousey metallised
  • Lippie Stix – pigmented comfy in different finishes
  • Blotted lip – weightless diffused natural (new)
  • Ultra Blotted lip – weightless diffused transfer-proof matte (new)
  • Lip sets


  • Pressed powder shadows
  • Super shock shadows
  • Shadow palettes
  • Pigments
  • Eyeliners


  • Pressed powder duos (blush and highlighter)
  • Blush
  • Super shock highlighters


  • Brow colour
  • Brow pencils


  • Karrueche
  • Alexis Ren
  • Amanda Steele
  • Kathleen Lights

As you can see Colourpop offers a wide range of on-trend makeup at affordable prices. They’re always thinking of fun ways to keep their fans engaged and continuously expanding their brand and this alone excites me about this brand. They very often have sales with free domestic (US) shipping over $30 and free international shipping over $50 and I think this presents an amazing opportunity to add a few items to your collection.

Colourpop Pressed Powder Shadow

Colourpop released their pressed powder shadows mid-January and I was quite excited about this range. They are notorious for their very unique creamy mouse-like shadows that are incredibly pigmented. I decided to buy these to start off my little business seeing as they were going for $5 each and I’m glad I did. You also receive a limited edition magnetic palette but they are limited to two per customer. I wasn’t initially going to use any of my stock to do a review but I figured the best way to try and sell products to potential customers is to know what you’re selling. Please note that this will be an honest and unbiased review.
So without further ado, let us get into this review.


These eyeshadows come in a cute little white cardboard sleeve with a silver star graphic design, that isn’t sealed completely but is definitely securely close (meaning it won’t easily open). Each individual eyeshadow pan is protected by a plastic enclosure that is the perfect size of the pans and what’s great is that these could be reused if ever you wanted to place the pans back into the plastic packages. All the pans are magnetic so you can easily pop them into a Z palette, I think this is the best way to store them to prevent them from getting damaged. At the bottom of each eyeshadow pan is a label with the name of the shade.


Shades and Finishes

I bought 19 different shades (a friend of mine who is an amazing makeup artist helped me choose the shades) and decided to choose four from these to review and create a look. The shades I chose were Top Notch, Come and get it, Pinky Promise and Going steady. 

  • Top Notch

    Top Notch

This shade is described as a matte terracotta brown on the Colourpop website. I must say I was quite nervous to try and swatch these. All I kept thinking is, please don’t disappoint and let me just paaause for a sec…
I was completely In Love at first swipe! The shadow felt silky smooth the minute I placed my finger in the pan. I did one swipe as you can see in the swatch and was completely astounded by the pigmentation. I used this shade in my crease as my transition colour and wow, what a dream to blend.

  • Come and get it

    Come and get it

This shade is described as a duochrome rose with a gold flip. Rose Gold shades have been trending so you won’t go wrong with the shade. I once again just did one swipe swatch on my arm and was honestly really impressed by the intensity of the pigment. I used this shade on the inner eyelid to brighten up the look.

  • Pinky Promise

    Pinky PromiseThis shade is described as a metallic wine. This is the perfect shade to rock during the autumn and winter seasons. It’s great if you want to do a sultry wine and gold makeup look. You can even add it all over your eyelid if you’re going very dark with burgundy shades.  I applied this shade on the outer eyelid to darken it but still add some shimmer to the look.


  • Going Steady

    Going SteadyThis shade is described as a matte dusty wine. I must reveal that I was doubtful that Colourpop would get it right with the matte eyeshadows. Not many succeed in getting the formula right and some matte eyeshadows can be very chalky, patchy and a nightmare to blend. I used this shade to darken my crease and deepen the wine colour in my outer corner.


Final Thoughts

After the arms swatches and being impressed with the quality of these eyeshadows, I just couldn’t wait to play around with them.  Here is the look I created

I love the way this look turned out. What made the whole experience even better is that these eyeshadows were easy to work with. All four were super pigmented, blended effortlessly and were long wearing. I think the one downfall with these is that the matte shadows are a little powdery and tend to have a bit of fall-out but it’s nothing too hectic like I’ve experienced with other eyeshadows.
I personally love these and would definitely recommend them. You can mix and match them and just buy shades that you don’t already own to add to your collection or buy a few that you know will work well to create a few looks.
Do you own any of these and if so what are your thoughts? Which are your favourite shades? I would love to hear from you guys! Please don’t forget to subscribe to my blog for weekly posts.
Toodles Stunners. Xx

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