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GlamGlow Gravitymud firming treatment review



Hey Stunners

As promised I’ll be reviewing the Glamglow GavityMud Firming treatment. Let me start off by telling you a little bit about my skin type, concerns and treatments/routines I follow.
I generally have healthy skin but it can be sensitive to harsh products, my main concern is my oily t-zone and I get the occasional breakout if my diet isn’t on par. I choose products for combination to oily skin to help with my oily bits as well as anti-ageing products because prevention is better than cure, right? lol.
I have committed to a strict skincare routine that I follow every morning and evening (I never sleep with makeup- A BIG NO!) and on Sundays, I do at home facial treatments.
I’ll give more details about my routine and the products I use in another post so that you know exactly what I use as well as the changes I’ve noticed with these products and why I’ll continue using them. (So be on the lookout for that post)
About Glamglow:
From the GlamGlow website:
“GLAMGLOW® was founded by Glenn & Shannon Dellimore in 2010 exclusively for backstage and professional use in Hollywood’s Entertainment, Music, Fashion & Award industries.
In 2011, GLAMGLOW® was made available for retail and has took the world by storm in the months that followed. Distribution has now increased to 86 countries with over 6,500 Luxury Retail Stores, Spa Back-Bars, Luxury Hotels, Airlines, and Cruise Lines.
Over the past 6 years GLAMGLOW® has grown from a conversation into an incredible success story, having won a wealth of beauty awards, being granted a patent for our TEAOXI®real leaf technology and becoming globally recognized for fast-acting, innovative mud treatments that deliver instant, visible results.”
GlamGlow launched in SA:

” #GLAMGLOW has arrived in South Africa!

GLAMGLOW is currently available in the following areas in Johannesburg: Sandton City Shopping Centre, Eastgate Shopping Centre, Clearwater Mall, Cresta Shopping Centre, Fourways Mall, Dainfern Square, Hyde Park Corner, and from 8 February in East Rand Mall and Mall of Africa.
GLAMGLOW will be available in the following areas in Pretoria from 13 February: Centurion Mall, 14 February: Menlyn Park Shopping Centre & Wonderpark Shopping Centre, 15 February: Kolonnade Shopping Centre, and from 16 February in Brooklyn Mall & Woodlands Boulevard.

GLAMGLOW will be available in the following areas in Durban from 6 February: The Pavilion Shopping Centre, Gateway Theatre of Shopping VIP and from 9 February in La Lucia Mall.

GLAMGLOW will be available in the following areas in Cape Town from 8 February: Canal Walk Shopping Centre, 9 February: Tyger Valley Centre, 10 February: Cavendish Square, 13 February: The Constantia Village, and from 14 February in V & A Waterfront.
GLAMGLOW is currently available to shop online through Red Square Beauty, with delivery to anywhere in South Africa: ”

About Glamglow Gravitymud firming treatment:

  • Which skin type is it good for?
    ✔ Normal
    ✔ Oily
    ✔ Combination
    ✔ Dry
  • What it is:
    A mud-based, peel-off face mask designed to tighten the appearance of skin.
  • Benefits
    • No Parabens, Phthalates, or Sulfates
    • Instantly Firming and Lifting
    • Convenient Peel Of Mask
    • Marine Algae Firm and Lift
    • Glacial Clay Improve Suppleness and Elasticity
    • Improves Resilience
    • Isoflavones, Polymers, and Liposomes Sculpt and Lift
    • Marshmallow and Licorice Leaf Tighten and Firm
  • How to use it:

Apply a generous, even layer to clean skin with a brush in upward strokes, avoiding eyebrows and hairline.

  1. Leave on for 15-20 minutes.
  2. The mask will change colour as it dries.
  3. Once completely dried, gently peel off from outer edges and roll off any remaining excess.
  4. Use twice a week.
  5. Clean brush after use with soap & water and air dry.
  6. For best results, avoid using water anytime during the process and after so targeted ingredients can remain on the skin.

What the product claims to do:
“GRAVITYMUD™ is an Out of This World Innovative Peel Off Mud treatment that instantly leaves skin feeling firmer and more lifted. Mega-Targeted ingredients transform from White to Brilliant Chrome, delivering toned, sexy contours. Powered by TEAOXI™ Marshmallow + Licorice Leaf.”
What is Teaoxi? 
“Teaoxi – derived from eucalyptus leaves, this patent-pending technology is said to deliver a time released a dose of flavonoids and eucalyptol. Flavonoids can act as antioxidants to help repair ageing skin. The formulation stimulates natural collagen cells as well, which can give skin more needed firmness.”
My experience and thoughts on the product:
I’ve had my eye on the glamglow brand even before it launched in South Africa. I’ve read so many good reviews and decided to do some research of my own. After all the positive reviews I knew that this was a product I absolutely had to try but when I looked at the price, my heart sank. A few online stores imported this brand and they were selling at +/- R1200 per pot. I knew this was a high-end product and that the chance me of trying it out were slim.
I follow a few beauty groups on Facebook and one of the ladies mentioned that she received a free sample in the Cosmopolitan magazine. I knew that this was my opportunity.
The sample size is 3.5g and this is enough for one full face application. I emptied the sample onto a saucer and applied it with a flat foundation brush.
The scent is subtle and has a sweet tropical dessert-like smell to it. I know, a mouth full but that’s the best way I would describe it. Lol
The texture is quite unique, nothing like the other masks I’ve tried. It has a sticky almost elastic feel to it. I guess this is because its a peel-off mask.
The application is quite easy,  provided you use a brush, I doubt using your fingers is the best way because the texture of the product is sticky and you could easily waste product. On application, the product has a cooling feeling on the skin, which I love. It has a white colour to it that changes to a brilliant chrome colour. How flippen cool and futuristic? Lol!All these details to the product just add to the overall experience and it definitely feels like you’re getting a proper facial done. I love it!
Its recommended that you leave the mask on for five, 10, 15, or 20 minutes. I went with the max time because I had other things to do around the house. Whats amazing about this product is that it sticks to your face so you don’t have to sit in one position waiting for it to dry.

Here is a before picture. I cleansed and toned my face, as usual, to unclog my pores and showered so the steam opens up my pores.

The first picture was taken immediately after application and the second after it had dried down.
While I had the mask on I had a very slight tingling feeling, I’m not sure if this is normal but it wasn’t uncomfortable. Just something I noticed and thought I’d mention it.

These are the after pictures. There isn’t a Huge difference that’s noticeable but my skin felt so hydrated and silky smooth. It definitely has a radiance to it and that’s the one thing you can see.
Its been a day after I tried the sample and my skin still feels smooth and looks radiant.

Before and After
Final thoughts:
I think this is the type of product one would continuously have to use to see a considerable difference. I would absolutely love to try this product out for a few weeks just so I can put it to the test and really see if it delivers.

  • The texture although unusual works because it stays put
  • The smell is amazing! It so tropical!
  • The white colour that changes into a chrome-like colour is super cool
  • I absolutely LOVE that it’s a peeling mask.
  • Leaves skin feeling silky smooth and radiant
  • Results can be seen even after a day of use


  • Very expensive! (Costs a small fortune, that’s for sure lol)
  • Kind of small in size for the price its only 1.7 OZ (48,1942grams)

For those of you who have tried it, please do comment below, I would love to hear your thoughts.
Thank you sooo much for reading and please stay tuned for my next post!
Toodles Stunners!

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