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The Naked Edition: Urban Decay Naked 3

Hi Stunners
Today is the very last post to this series and I’ll be reviewing the Urban Decay Naked 3. If you haven’t caught up with the previous two posts then please click here and here. This palette was one of the products my fiance surprised me with and I was delighted that he chose this one because this was the other palette I had my eye on. I feel so fortunate to have a man who knows exactly what I love and goes out of his way with these thoughtful gestures. I am truly blessed!

Urban Decay Naked 3

If pinkish rosy toned eyeshadow shades are your thing then you’ll love this palette. Rose gold shades have been on trend lately so I know so many ladies grabbed this palette for that exact reason. These shades are just so chic, classy yet girly. This palette has a beautiful progression of pinks, rosy, taupey and dark purple eyeshadow shades.


I unfortunately also don’t have the actual box because I’ve had it for a year. This palette comes in a rose gold metal case that is sturdy and snaps shut very securely. It has this gorgeous ripple effect on the top and NAKED 3 URBAN DECAY is printed in Gold, I absolutely love the look of this design, it’s EVERYTHING. The inside of the palette is definitely plastic but not the type that feels and looks low in quality. Like the Naked 1, this palette also comes with a dual-ended synthetic brush, one side is flat and the other is great for blending. What I love about this palette is that the mirror is much bigger than the mirror in the Naked 1 palette and I’m able to use it without any hassles.

Eyeshadows and Pigmentation

This palette like the Naked 1 has 12 shades. There are three matte shades and the rest are shimmery/frosty shades. Below is a list of the shades and a short description.

  1. Strange – described as a “pale neutral pink matte-satin.” This shade is quite pale for my skin tone so I use it mainly for my browbone or to highlight the inner corners of my eyes. Some days when I’m going for a very light look, I apply this all over my lid.
  2. Dust – described as a “pale metallic pink shimmer with iridescent micro-glitter”. This is a stunning shade but I found it to be very powdery and there’s quite a bit of fallout. It lacks pigmentation so you’ll need to build it up and it’s advised to use a damp brush to apply it to get the best result. I use my Mac Fix plus spray.
  3. Burnout –  described as a “light pinky-peach satin.”This is such a stunning shade and I use it all over my lids on days when I’m going for that girly look. It applies smoothly but I also use the Mac fix plus just to make it pop a bit.
  4. Limit – described as a “light dusty rose matte. This is the perfect shade to start your eye look with by blending it into your crease. It is a little light for my skin tone and I find that I have to build it up to get the desired effect.
  5. Buzz – described as a “metallic rose shimmer with silver micro-glitter.” Another one of my favourites to apply all over the lids. I feel like I’m gonna say that about every shade but I really love these colours. This one also applies like a dream, super soft and highly pigmented.
  6. Trick –  described as a “light metallic pinky-copper shimmer with tonal micro-sparkle.” I love that this shade looks copperish but with a slight pinkish tint to it. It’s a gorgeous shade but it’s one that has to be built up to get the desired opacity.
  7. Nooner – described as a “medium pinky-brown matte.” This is another gorgeous crease shade that blends beautifully.
  8. Liar – described as a “medium metallic mauve shimmer.” This is such a unique shade and great to use all over the lids. This also applies sublimely, incredibly smooth with hardly any fallout.
  9. Factory – described as a “pinky-brown satin.” I feel I’m repeating myself, lol, but this shade is something else, very unique and exceptionally pigmented.
  10. Mugshot –  described as a “metallic taupe shimmer with a slight pink shift.” Another gorgeous shade that has a metallic finish to it. I own nothing like it and still need to play around with it a little more because I have not created many looks using this shade.
  11. Darkside – described as a “deep taupe-mauve satin.” This shade is intensely pigmented, creamy and applies seamlessly.
  12. Blackheart – described as a “smoky black matte with rosy red micro-sparkle.” This is an uncommon shade because it has red micro shimmers that are quite noticeable when applied to the eye. I quite like it because it’s different but I don’t reach for it very often.


Final Verdict

This is a beautiful palette overall and most of the eyeshadows are extremely pigmented, sensationally smooth and apply beautifully. Dust and Trick are the only ones I have issues with. I think because of the high glitter content in Dust the product doesn’t stick to the brush or the eye well enough for it to show and stay and you’d, therefore, have to use a damp brush. Trick isn’t as pigmented as the rest so you need to build this baby up.
I have been enjoying playing around with this palette because I LOVE my pinky shades and I can appreciate the taupey and darker shades in this palette because it allows one to add a bit of an edgy feel to a girly look if you are gonna go for the pinky/rosy shades but want a sultry look.
Do you own this palette, if so, what are your thoughts on it?
Hope you’ve enjoyed this little series. Let me know if you would like me to do more of these?
Toodles Stunners!! Xx

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