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Well Hello Hello Hello!

Where do I even begin? I’m sitting here and I’m completely overwhelmed with excitement. I have been wanting to venture into the blogger world for quite some time and now I have finally gained enough courage to do so.
My name is Yolanda Jeftha I’m a 32-year-old (started blogging at the age of 29) born and raised in Johannesburg South Africa. I have been a lover of all things beauty for the longest time. My makeup obsession started from a very young age and my mom to this day,  still tells stories of how I use to do my makeup and hair from the age of 3 and how everyone had such a great laugh because the application was horrendous.

I’m not a professional makeup artist or a cosmetologist. I am just a makeup and skincare fanatic and here to share my experiences with products from different brands.

Why I decided to start my Blog

So let me explain how this idea of starting my blog began. My daily life revolves around reading interesting articles about beauty products, be it from my favourite bloggers, you-tube beauty gurus or just the general consumers view on certain products/brands. I learn something new daily but on some days, especially if I have an opinion or different experience on a specific product, I feel the urge to express myself.

This sudden urge then forces me to talk to the person closest to me and that person, unfortunately, being my fiance (shame, he probably knows so much about makeup already-by default haha!). I had no platform to do this and that’s when I started contemplating starting my own personal blog and my fiance (Jason) is the one who encouraged me to JUST DO IT! Soooo here I am!

Naming my blog

My blog is called SlayUniqueness and I must admit I didn’t know where to start when it came to naming my blog. I sat down for a few days and just had words written down that I felt would best describe me and you would honestly laugh if I have to mention some of the names I came up with.

The best way I would describe the name would be:

  • Slay – this word right here is just so sassy and chic. I see you ladies strutting your stuff when you’re walking with confidence. You slay everything that you are because you know there’ll only ever be one You. Slay girl Slay!
  • Uniqueness – I feel this word describes all of us because we’re all original versions of ourselves, unique is so many ways. Uniqueness with its imperfections is something truly Beautiful, so Own yours!


Final Words

I hope all of you will love what I have to offer and gain some insight on things you might find interesting with regards to all things beauty. Join me on this new journey and I promise to keep it exciting.

Please feel free to comment and discuss where you feel necessary and I look forward to communicating with all of you, my #SLAYFAM. I can’t contain my excitement. Keep your eyes peeled for my next post!!



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  • Jenny

    Great initiative Yolanda. I am excited about it and will be following you closely I look forward with great anticipation to what I can learn from you !

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