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    LUSH Series – Cupcake and Brazened Honey Fresh Face Masks

    Ladies Ladies Ladies Spring is here and I’m literally jumping for joy! I’ve already packed away winter clothes (Ok, not all but some because we all know how unpredictable this weather can be) so I’m completely ready for the change. I know so many would agree that they just couldn’t wait for winter to pass, although, I must admit that it wasn’t an extremely cold winter. But. OK! Enough about the weather and my excitement that Spring is finally here, let’s get to this review. Some of you know that I’m currently doing a mini LUSH series where I share with you my thought on the products that I currently…

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    LUSH Series – Dark Angels and Ultrabland Facial Cleansers

    Hey guys Hope you guys have been keeping well and for those who are in Johannesburg, I hope you guys have been keeping warm because damn, it’s been freezing. I honestly can’t wait for Spring, it’s my favourite season of the year and I just feel more energetic and full of life. I really think it’s the most beautiful season of the year. Anyways, so this is my 2nd post of the LUSH series and I’ll be reviewing two cleansers. If you haven’t caught up with the previous post where I reviewed the Ocean Salt scrub and the Enzymion moisturiser then please click here. I’ve covered the detailed information regarding…

  • Beauty Review,  Series

    LUSH Series – Ocean Salt Scrub and Enzymion Facial Moisturiser

    Hey Guys Hope you’re all doing well. I can’t help but giggle because I read a tweet a fellow blogger retweeted the other day and couldn’t help but laugh. I was about to start this post off by mentioning that I can’t believe that it’s already August. Their tweet; “OK, please can you all just stop being shocked that it’s August. It’s what happens when July ends. We’ve had enough warning. Enough now. ” So I’m not about to go down that lane. Although I do have to mention that the month of August is an extra special month because it’s the love of my life’s birthday month. #Justsaying Anyways,…

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