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Winter Body Care Using LA’s Atelier Handmade Products {Review}

I received a lovely charcoal clay handmade soap from my friend a while back. She used this specific soap in various ways but sent me a video where she demonstrated how well it cleaned her makeup brushes.

The soap is large, smells amazing and contains natural ingredients. I’ve used it as a body soap as well as for my brushes. Lynn purchased this lovely soap from a local business called LA’s Atelier. The owner Lesley Ann contacted me shortly after that and wanted to send me a few products to test out and to share my honest experience on.

About Lesley Ann and her business

Lesley Ann Erasmus owns and manages LA Public Relations and Events (PTY) Limited since April 2006.
Before this, she was involved in other PR agencies. The company specializes in media, publicity and eventing.

LA’s Atelier stems from Lesley Ann’s creative side and her passion for all things Handmade and repurposed.
She, in turn, incorporates her PR and Eventing skills within this passion.

LA’s Atelier is trading as LA Public Relations and Events (PTY) Ltd.
Our objective is to entice and urge South Africans to #buylocal and #supportlocal and therefor encourage SMME’s locally to create job opportunities.
We also would like to create platforms with SMMEs to work closely in synergy to build on creating unique new product offerings to our local and overseas audiences.


LA’s Ateliers Philosophy

Handmade with Uber love

When buying form a hand maker, your buying more than just an object.  You are buying hundreds of hours of failures and experimentations.

You are buying days, weeks and months of pure Joy.  You aren’t just buying a thing, are you buying a piece of heart, part of a soul, a moment of someone’s life. Most importantly, you are buying the artist more time to do something they are passionate about.


I was gifted:

Pink Himalayan Salt Body scrub – R130


Body Scrub in sweet pea

A deliciously invigorating blend of firming exfoliating and all-natural ingredients for glowing, smooth and supple skin. This skin-renewing polish combines fine pink Himalayan salts with 100% pure macadamia nut oil and hydrating fragrance oils for a purely decadent skin rejuvenating experience. Contains no preservatives, chemical-free and cruelty-free. Use within 3 months of opening.

My experience

What immediately got my attention when I opened the package, was the scent. It’s subtle but a scent that’s truly mesmerizing. The scrub is made from fine pink Himalayan salts and 100% pure macadamia nut oil. I love that the salt is fine as this allows one to circulate and spread the product without worrying about it being too abrasive on the skin. The salt does separate from the oil if the product sits for a while, so be sure to give it a good mix before using it. This natural and gentle exfoliator removes all dry and dead skin whilst providing the skin with much-needed moisture.


Rick moisturising body butter – R150


With 100% raw organic shea butter & macadamia nut oil

Body butter in Tuscan

Thus rich body moisturizer is a generous blend of 100% raw cold-pressed plant oils and butter. The unrefined raw shea butter provides the ultimate moisture-retaining and shortening properties. Combined with macadamia oil, an emollient, the blend is both all-natural and ultra-moisturizing. Has a deep penetration into the skin, leaving it soft, supple and protected. The fragrance is plant-based.

Direction: a little goes a long way. Melt between palms, apply to warm body and massage into the skin until it has fully absorbed.


My experience 

I love the idea of treating my skin with rich nourishing body creams during winter. This cream isn’t too thick and doesn’t leave a thick film on the skin. A lightweight texture that provides ample moisture. I’ve noticed that you absolutely have to melt this body butter between your palms before applying all over your body. Melting the product in this way just allows for a better spread and absorption.




Final Thoughts


I’ve been following LA’s Atelier SA for a while to be kept up to date with new product releases. I love that it’s a local business that’s innovative and continues to produce products that are natural, gentle on the skin and environmental friendly.

Be sure to give them a follow on Instagram. They have a lovely selection of body and skincare products as well as some lifestyle items.


Disclaimer: I was gifted these products. Being offered a product to review does not guarantee that it will be portrayed in a positive or negative light. Therefore the reviews are written by my own experiences and solely reflect my personal opinion.

Do you support local? Would you give these products a try after reading this review?




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