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Tatcha The Silk Canvas vs. e.l.f. Poreless Putty Primer {Review}

This post is long overdue. I’ve been using these two products for a few months. So these have been put through a thorough test.

I don’t mind splurging on products that I know work well but I’m also really keen on good dupes. We all try and save where we can and if an affordable product works as well as a high-end version, then you bet your ass I’m on that.

I’ve shared my thoughts on the Tatcha The Silk Canvas primer in this post over HERE. This is probably one of my favourite primers of all time so when I heard that the e.l.f poreless putty primer was a dupe, I immediately ordered one. So let’s see if this $8 product is a dupe for the Silk Canvas that retails for $52.


Tatcha The Silk Canvas vs. e.l.f. Poreless Putty Primer

The Tatcha I have is a travel size which retails for $20, I doubt I’d ever spend $52 on a primer so pretty happy that there’s a smaller option.


Elf – thinner/ lighter consistency and feels more slippery when you’re spreading it on the skin.

Tatcha – slightly thicker and has more grip when you spread it.

The e.l.f primer definitely feels and looks hydrating on the skin once applied and even after it has settled on the skin. I feel like the Tatcha primer instantly mattified my skin.


The key to getting the best makeup application with both these primers is to apply all over the face and then tap on areas that you feel you’d need blurring or where your pores are more noticeable. It is also suggested to leave it for a minute or 2 to help in sink into the skin. This step is absolutely necessary for the product to work as it is intended to.

The Test

The e.l.f putty primer is more hydrating than the Tatcha primer. In terms of pore filling, I can tell with certainty that these perform pretty much the same. They blur out the pores, smooths out the skin and creates such a beautiful canvas. I’ve also not experienced any issues with product layering with either primer.


Just a little side note, I have oily to combination skin. I’m usually oily around my t-zone, especially between my brows when it comes to the 5-6 hour mark. Both primers do well with keeping my oils at bay and keeping my makeup looking pristine even after this 5-6 hour mark. The difference is the wear time after 7-8 hours. I do experience more oil seeping through around my t-zone and the sides of my nose and cheek area when using the e.l.f primer. Nothing extreme but to compare the two I have to mention it. I experience less oil seeping through with the Tatcha primer.


Final Thoughts

My makeup game has changed for good. I’m pretty big on primers and these have become a staple makeup item in my makeup routine.

If you have the cash to splurge on the Tatcha then I’d say go for it. But I can vouch for the e.l.f primer, it’s without a doubt a dupe for the Tatcha the Silk Canvas primer. Tatcha has a slight upper hand in that it wears a little better after 7-8 hours, but the subtle difference doesn’t justify the huge price difference.

So if you’re someone like me who appreciates a good dupe then you would love this product.

Disclaimer: I was gifted the e.l.f poreless putty primer by @shopbettyonline on Instagram a week before I had received the one I purchased from @manhattanstylesa on Instagram. Thank you Betty for gifting me the e.l.f primer. Being offered a product to review does not guarantee that it will be portrayed in a positive or negative light. Therefore the reviews are written by my own experiences and solely reflect my personal opinion.

Have you tried e.l.f Poreless Putty Primer? Have you had your eye on the Tatcha The Silk Canvas primer? Would you consider purchasing the dupe after reading my review?





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  • Zee

    I was gonna purchase that tatcha set from Muse beauty but it’s sold out 😭😭. But Def gonna look for the poreless putty primer 😊. My pores are the Bain of my existence even tho I have dry skin mxm

    • Yolanda Jeftha

      These putty primers aren’t thick and drying. The e.l.f is more hydrating than the tatcha primer, so would suggest the e.l.f one if you have dry skin. They have a luminous one as well. You could contact @manhattanstylesa on instagram to request a quote for it. They’re like an international personal shopper.

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