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Shop Hush Haul

Hey guys
This is my very first haul blog post and the reason for this specific haul is because most of these products are included in my birthday giveaway. If you haven’t checked out that post then where have you been?

There will be 3 draws for my birthday giveaway and one appreciation giveaway so please click here and here to find out how to enter. Ps. You don’t wanna miss out on this one.

Shop Hush

Shop hush sells discounted, inexpensive and dupe cosmetic products. They do have some known drugstore brands available such as Milani, NYX, LA girl and the best part is that they sell a huge selection of Korean skincare at giveaway prices.
I discovered this online store one evening when I came across a palette that looked like an exact dupe for the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Rainnessance palette. I was a little sceptical at first and then did some reading on the actual website and continued my “research” by watching some youtube videos on the products they have available on their site.
Most of the videos I watched was of beauty guru’s comparing the real deal to the dupes available on shop hush. I was completely amazed and knew I had to pick up a few of these items. I’ve done my own review where I compared the ABH Modern Rainnessance palette to the Bad Habit Royals eyeshadow palette. Please click here if you’re interested in reading my thoughts on these.
I signed up, created an account and immediately received a 10% discount code to use with my first purchase. There are many YouTubers who also have discount codes available, you just have to look around. I placed 3 separate orders on 3 separate occasions and used a different discount code each time. All three orders were shipped out within 3 days after it was processed and I used my Aramexglobalshopper account for shipping and received my parcels within 2 weeks. So the purchasing and shipping process was quite a breeze.

The Haul

1. Bad Habit Royal eyeshadow palette

I’ve reviewed this palette, so please check it out over here. I chose to purchase one to add to the giveaway because I felt like it’s an amazing dupe for the ABH Modern Rainnessance palette and the person who wins this would absolutely love it.


Here are some swatches of the eyeshadows, I mean, how amazing do these look? They are buttery soft and don’t lack pigment. They’re definitely not as pigmented as the ABH palette and some shades will have to be built up but honestly at $10 it’s really an amazing alternative.


2. Bad Habit Retro Love eyeshadow palette

There has been so much controversy around the ABH Subculture eyeshadow palette and I wasn’t willing to test it out myself. I wasn’t prepared to spend over $40 just to be disappointed. I was pretty bummed because the shade range just looks so beautiful. So when I saw this palette, I straight away knew that it’s one I wanted to add to my collection. This looks almost identical to the ABH Subculture palette but the eyeshadows are placed differently and obviously have different names.


This 14-shade eyeshadow palette features 11 velvety mattes in bold, edgy shades, 2 duo-chromes, and a metallic bronze. I’ve been using the palette for the past few week and I’m amazed by how smooth and velvety the formula is. The shade MOD is the only shade that doesn’t blend as well as the others. It’s quite patchy and needs to be packed on to achieve the desired pigmentation. This palette isn’t part of the giveaway because I felt that the shades might not be as appealing as the others I’ve chosen.

 3. Bad Habit Aphrodite eyeshadow palette 

This palette seems to be is the hottest item on shop hush. They sell out within a matter of minutes every time they restock. I was lucky that I was able to snatch 2 before they sold out ( one is included in the giveaway). The Aphrodite palette is supposed to be a dupe for the HUDA Beauty Rose Gold Palette, which I sadly don’t own.

This stunning palette features 18 warm shades ranging from pinks to reds, browns as well as golds in mattes, shimmer and metallic finishes. The packaging is quite sleek and I love that it has this huge mirror, that’s always a plus in my books.
Bad Habit Aphrodite eyeshadow palette
Bad Habit Aphrodite


The metallic shades are rather chunky on initial feel but once you’ve applied them, they spread easily and give this stunning hue of colour. I prefer to apply them with my finger but you could also use fix + or any setting spray and a brush. The shimmers are beautiful and there’s one that has a shift of colour so I would consider it a duo-chrome shade. The mattes blend beautifully, are highly pigmented and wear extremely well.

4. Bad Habit Rose highlighter palette

I mean, who doesn’t love a good highlight? It just changes your whole makeup look completely. I’ve been enjoying trying out different highlighters just to sort of have a feel of what works for me and what I prefer. When I saw swatches of the palette I knew it looked like one of the ABH highlighter palettes. I sadly don’t own any but did some research and discovered that it’s actually a dupe for the ABH Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit.

These are definitely shades I would gravitate to when choosing shades for my skin tone. Perhaps not so much the icy white shade called Shine but I must say I was quite shocked by how beautifully this looked on my skin tone.
I can’t compare these to the ABH Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit because I don’t own it, so I don’t know how they compare in terms of formula but I’ve seen swatch comparisons and this looks like an exact dupe.
Bad Habit Rose Highligher palette
These highlighters are slightly more on the powdery side and there’s quite a bit of kickback, so just make sure you tap off any excess product before applying it. They spread and layer on beautifully, are super pigmented (so you’re guaranteed a dazzling glow) and they wear exceptionally well. I know the lady who wins this will love it as much as I do.

5. Face Candy Sugar eyeshadow palette

How gorgeous is this packaging? It just brings out the inner girl in me. Lol! I love everything about it and the actual eyeshadow casing is made from metal, which feels pretty sturdy and pricey. This palette is said to be a dupe for the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette (another palette I don’t own but I’ve read only good things about it). I obviously won’t be able to compare the two but I can honestly say that this Face Candy Sugar palette works beautifully.

This palette features matte and shimmer shades in a range of pinks, corals, nudes, and a pinch of purple.
It doesn’t have a scent to it, for those of you who were wondering. I know the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette is known for its sweet peach scent that many love. I haven’t played around with all of the shade but I’m pretty damn impressed with the majority of the shades I’ve used so far.

I’m sure you can tell by these swatches that these eyeshadows don’t lack pigment. I’m super excited for the lady who will receive this beauty.

Final Thoughts

I’m so chuffed that I came across this online store. The purchasing process was smooth sailing and I love that they have so many inexpensive options for those of us who can’t always afford a $40 item.
Next on my list is definitely some of their Korean skincare products and I’ll be sure to share those with you once I’ve made the purchase.
Have you heard of this online store? Would you purchase from them after reading my review? Also, which of these palettes would you love to own if you could choose one?
Hope you guys enjoyed this post.
Ps. There’s still time to get your entries in for my birthday giveaway.


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  • Zeenath Adam

    OMG this is so amazing, simply love the pigmention, the shades, the shimmer, the matt and metallic finishes. Love this post on this fantastic giveaway 😘

  • Milica

    I think my favorite definitely has to be the Bad Habit Aphrodite eyeshadow palette 👐 the shades look so amazing, i love the colors😁 lets hooe i win one of these amazing giveaways, girl you definitely outdid yourself😍💋

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