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Liquid Lipstick Series: Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Hey Beauties!

It’s the first Monday of the month of May and for this months blog series, I’m sharing my liquid lipstick collection. There’ll be a post up every Monday on a different brand.  I’ve done a Jeffree Star Cosmetics liquid lipstick collection sometime last year but I’ve deleted it and have decided to post this updated version seeing as I have more lippies.

Those of you who follow me on Instagram (where I’m most active) will know that I’m big on liquid lipsticks. There are soo many liquid matte lipsticks on the market at the moment. What’s great is that you can find really affordable brands (which I will cover in a separate post) that are times great dupes for high-end products. I’ve tried quite a few formulae and I honestly can’t stand it when liquid matte lippies are super drying. One of the worst feelings is when they feel uncomfortable to a point where they even look horrible. This isn’t a good look for anyone. I know many of you will agree.

About Jeffree Star

My name is Jeffree Star. I discovered makeup at the age of 13 and have been obsessed with it ever since. I used to copy looks from fashion ads in my mother’s Cosmopolitan magazines and steal her eye shadows. When I graduated high school, I moved an hour north from Orange County, California to Los Angeles. I worked at makeup counters, freelanced and worked on many celebrities, music videos, fashion editorials and weddings. Now I teach makeup classes around the world and share the secrets that I’ve learned through over 10 years of experience. Playing with cosmetics is my favourite thing to do and I started to create my own formulas years ago but only wore them on myself & put them on my best friends. It’s been a dream of mine since I discovered my first lipstick, to create and own my very own brand. My goal is to create products that do exactly what they say and that actually last!
So many of you have asked what’s next! I love lips, so I wanted to make the most lightweight liquid-to-matte lipstick on the market! I’m already creating new colours that will be out shortly!! Also, regular lipsticks, lip scrubs, highlighters, and eye shadow palettes are being developed next!
I hope you all enjoy the pink blood, sweat, and tears that go into every product I make! My brand is for anyone who’s fearless enough to be their own person. Let’s inspire each other to stay true to who we are and have fun doing it!
Love + Beauty,
Jeffree Star”

My experience with Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick

I’ve been a total fan since purchasing my very first velour liquid lipstick, which was the shade Doll Parts.


The permanent packaging is pink, the actual box is hot pink and has a metallic gold star print. The liquid lipstick comes in a thick sturdy transparent plastic tube with a pink cap and has a rose gold printing of the brand on the tube and shade names are printed on a pink sticker and placed at the bottom of each tube.

The doe foot applicator of all the liquid lipstick is quite unique and has an indent that picks up a good amount of product to apply to your lips with one application and makes it easy to apply to the outlines of your lips. This is by far my favourite applicator just because it hugs the lips and makes it really easy to apply. Each cap also has a lock detail so you can be assured that you won’t have any leakages.

The formula

Majority of the liquid lipsticks have a liquid-like consistency but I must add that not all the lippies I own have the same consistency, some of them are rather mousy, not that it’s a problem because they still apply satisfyingly well, dries down matte and are incredibly long-lasting. The formula is extremely opaque that one thin layer is enough to cover your entire lips. These last up to 8-10 hours through drinking and eating. It is in my top 5 favourite formulae from all the liquid lippies I have tried. What I love most is how comfortable they are on the lips. You won’t experience crazy dryness or cracked lips unless you naturally have lips because then most liquid matte lips will feel drying on the lips. A satin or velvet formula will be better suited for those with extremely dry lips.

Tips from the Jeffree Star site: exfoliate with lip scrub then apply to bare lips! Avoid food with oil… and no making out, kisses are ok!

The scent

Very few of the liquid lippies have a scent to them. Of the ones I own, only Celebrity skin and Mannequin have a rootbeer scent. Watermelon soda actually had a watermelon scent to it, I really enjoy the smell of this one. The rest smell of what they call “raw ingredients” which has a ‘chemical like’ fragrance to it! I don’t particularly have a problem with those that have no scent but I sure do love the smell of rootbeer. Lol! Mmm!!! Who would’ve thought? We learn something new about ourselves, daily!

My Collection

I’ve divided the lippies by the different collection/launches. I’ll start off with the liquid lipsticks that are part of their permanent range.


Permanent lipsticks


Mannequin – is described to be I’m Nude’s younger, darker sister. She’s cool toned and looks amazing with a dark liner or by itself. This is the lightest shade I own and I must say, I quite like it. It is very nude and would probably also look stunning if a touch of lipgloss is added to the centre to create some dimension.

Celebrity Skin – is described as a soft brown nude with a peachy undertone. This is one of go-to nude liquid lippie.

Geminiis described as a terra-cotta warm-toned nude and one of my absolute favourite shades for as everyday lip colour

Leo – is described as a True matte honey brown. My love for this lippie is indescribable. It’s really unique and I took a gamble with this one but I’m so damn happy I did.

Doll Parts – described as a soft toned cool pink. It’s the perfect everyday pink that isn’t too loud and would go great with a neutral eye.

Allegedly – described as a brown terra-cotta. I reach for this shade when I’m wearing a warm orangey eye.

MasochistThe colour of crushed berries on ice. This dark pink matte lipstick is cool toned and extremely addictive. I grab this lipstick when I want something bold but different from a red or pink lip.



Summer 2016 + Manny collab + Lovesick 2018 + summer 2018 


Watermelon sodathis lippie was part of Jeffree Star’s Summer 2016 collection and the packaging was yellow that had a pink logo and stars print. This definitely gives that summer vibe! This shade is described as a neon coral colour and the name is so fitting because not only does it look watermelony but also smells like it. I absolutely love this shade but find it a bit streaky. It’s the only shade I have difficulty applying.

I’m shook – described as a burnt red toned coral shade. This shade was part of the mannymau collaboration. I’ve reviewed the collection, HERE, if you’re interested in reading my thoughts.

Problematic – described as a vibrant berry. This was part of the lovesick collection. It’s one of those shades I had to have. The berry tones just speak to my soul.

Cherry wet – a described as a fresh cherry juice, this shade is a mouthwatering vibrant red/pink hybrid! It was part of the summer 2018 collection. There are 2-3 other shades in this collection that I would love to add to my collection.


Holiday 2016

Pumpkin Pie – is described as a burnt orange with micro-glitter. This is a stunning shade and I don’t own anything like it. It’s great if you wanna feel ladylike with a bit of an edge.

Checkmate – is described as a red-orange shade. It’s a beautiful bright and bold shade that is perfect when you want to make a statement.

The Chrome Summer 2017 

Calabasas – a pretty mauve-y nude colour which will suit a variety of skin tones. This is another gorgeous everyday colour for me.

Family Jewels – described as cool-toned milk chocolate. Jeeez, do I love this shade. I hardly wear but when I do, I remember why I love it so much. There’s something so yum about a gorgeous chocolate brown lipsticks.

You better work – described as a bright purple. You guys know by now that purple is my colour,  so of course, I had to purchase this shade. Many have complained about the formula saying that it’s patchy and extremely drying. I guess I received a good batch because mine applies pretty well.

Family collection 2017

Nathan – described as a terra-cotta nude. This one a lighter on me than allegedly and great when you’re rocking a smokey eye.

Diva – described as a dreamy pink with a soft gold metallic shift to it! A straight up barbie pink, so, of course, I had to have it lol

Wifey – described as a dark, sexy brick red. Such a gorgeous deep vampy shade and just dark enough not to have it look too dark.  One of my favourite dark shades

Holiday 2017 

Christmas cookies – described as a soft peachy nude. I like this one just a little more than mannequin and I think it’s because it pulls a little more peachy than nude. Looks gorgeous by itself, with a darker lip liner or a gloss over it.

Poinsettia – described as a full metallic red, perfect for the holidays. I’m not big on metallic lipsticks but just look at this shade,  how gorgeous is it? I love that the metallic aspect is subtle and not in your face

Holiday 2018

Jeffree who? – described as a rosy pink. This shade and Calabasas look very similar. The only difference is that this one pulls a little pinker whereas Calabasas pulls more mauve.

Hi, how are ya? – described as a bright red-berry with red glitter reflects. I love this because it’s the perfect combination of red and berry.

Overall Thoughts

I personally love liquid lipsticks and when the formula is as great as these, they just rock one’s world. It just makes applying makeup more enjoyable. Just knowing that a product lives up to what it claims to do, instantly makes one become a fan. You honestly won’t think twice about supporting the brand. This is exactly how I feel about the Jeffree Star brand. It’s a unique brand that offers exclusivity. I rate these quite highly and now realise why there has been soo much hype around these products.
Do you own any Jeffree Star velour liquid lipsticks? Your thoughts and which are your favourite shades?



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