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Unboxing My First International PR {Gifted}

I know many bloggers will agree that receiving PR or being a part of a campaign feels like the biggest accomplishment especially if you’re still pretty small. There’s a sense of achievement because you feel like you’re slowly being recognised. Receiving PR could also be a doorway to building positive relationships with the companies for future campaigns as well as collaboration.


Pixi beauty surprised me with this huge gorgeous package. I ACTUALLY COULDN’T BELIEVE THAT I RECEIVED ALL THESE AMAZING GOODIES!!!! I’M SO GRATEFUL. The packaging got me sooo excited that I squealed like a little girl. I couldn’t contain my excitement. Pixi beauty was created by Petra Strand a woman who is passionate about skincare. Petra creates innovative formulations that are infused with botanicals and beneficial ingredients. Pixi beauty’s mission; simply to bring out the natural beauty in all women – to make women look like themselves, only better.


I’ve seen so many Pixi Beauty PR unboxings and I’m always so amazed by how much thought goes into the packaging. This was the largest package I’ve ever received and one just feels so special when you open something like this.

I’m gonna briefly chat about each product included in the PR box.

Depuff – DetoxifEYE patches {NEW}

Detox – Glow Mud Mask

Peel – Peel & Polish

Glow – Glow Glycolic Boost (Sheet Mask) {NEW}

Purify – T-Zone Peel-Off Mask

1. Depuff – DetoxifEye patches – Shop here

This tub comes with 60 under eye patches that help to revive, replenish and hydrate. I’ve been loving eye patches especially hydrating patches because they just liven up the under eye area.

First impression – The patches are really thin and flexible. They have quite a unique shape that fits perfectly under the eyes. Also included is a plastic spatula to gently lift and separate each patch.  The serum feels lightweight and is infused with cucumber extract, hyaluronic acid and caffeine which will depuff, aiding in reducing dark circles as well as hydrate and soothing the under eyes. I leave my tub in the fridge as the cold patches help reduce puffiness faster.

2. Detox – Glow Mud Musk – Shop here

This clay mask draws out impurities and it’s suggested to use 2-3 per week and to leave it on for 10-15 minutes.

First impression – The texture is the mask is light and easy to work with. Applies effortlessly, so a thin layer is all you need. Once dried up, you rinse off with Luke warm water you’re left with squeaky clean skin that looks instantly brighter and revitalized.

  • Kaolin Clay deep cleanses & purifies.
  • Sea Salt detoxifies.
  • Ginseng brightens & clarifies.

3. Peel – Peel & Polish – Shop here

It is a 2-minute enzyme peel to remove dead skin cells and gently exfoliate.

First impression: This product contains lactic acid, which is already part of my evening routine. Lactic acid plays a big part in stimulating collagen renewal as well as improving signs of ageing. I love this mask because I know I’m getting a great skincare treatment in a matter of 2 minutes. It’s a gentle exfoliator which leaves my skin feeling clean and polished. The instant glow is what I love the most.

  • Lactic Acid helps to exfoliate & clarify
  • Papaya Fruit Extract improves skin texture
  • Sugar Cane Extract helps reveal skin’s natural glow


4. Glow – Glow Glycolic Boost (Sheet Mask) – Shop here

One of Pixi’s new products. The box contains 3 sheet masks. The serum in these sheet masks are a concentrate of glycolic acid brightens and herbal extracts help to improve and maintain skin health, promoting more luminous skin.

First impression – Similar to their glow tonic, it seems like a more intensive version. I love their glow tonic and have used it religiously. I store my sheet masks in the fridge for an instant depuffing effect. These masks leave the skin looking and feeling more plump and brighter.

5. Purify – T-Zone Peel-Off Mask -Shop here

Detoxifying peel-off mask draws out impurities and clears out the pores. Ingredients include avocado, green tea which are great antioxidants and amazing for hydration.

First impression – I haven’t always been a fan of peel off masks because I have sensitive and had a horrible experience that left my skin with tiny inflamed bumps. I figured since Pixi beauty uses ingredients that aren’t harsh on the skin, that I’d give this a try. The instructions do say that you should use a thick even layer to T-Zone only. To leave on until completely dry then gently peel off and to avoid eye area, eyebrows, hairline and lips. After my very first use, I noticed that my skin looked less congested, more radiant and felt firmer. I absolutely love this stuff.

I’m excited to continue using these products to see what they do for my skin. I’ll be sure to keep you guys updated.

Have you tried any of these/ will you be? What are your favourite Pixi Beauty Products? Let me know in the comments below!



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