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    Pixi Beauty Milky Collection First Impressions {Gifted}

    I love unboxing press drops especially when the packages are as creative as the ones I receive from Pixi Beauty. I just love the thought behind these drops and love their products even more. Today I’m unboxing the Hydrating Milky Collection which includes 6 products that are essential for maintaining your skin’s moisture levels. These products are suitable for all skin types and yes, even those of us with oily or combination to oily skin.   Hydrating Milky Collection   Step 1: Remove This step includes the Hydrating Milky Makeup Remove which is a gentle remover that wipes away your most long-wearing eye, lip and face makeup without stripping your…

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    Pixi Beauty – Celebrating 20 Years of Glow {Gifted}

    Happy New Year to all my readers. Yes, I know lol, it’s already February but this is my first blog post for the year so I had to say it. Hope the start of the year has treated you all well and if you’ve set goals or New Year Resolutions, that you’re remaining focused. Today I’m doing an unboxing of this stunning PR package that I received from Pixi in December. I’ve played around with the products and been loving the way each of these has performed so far. Will update this post in a few weeks time.   Pixi Petra Strand, founder of Pixi by Petra Pixi by Petra is…

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    Unboxing My First International PR {Gifted}

    I know many bloggers will agree that receiving PR or being a part of a campaign feels like the biggest accomplishment especially if you’re still pretty small. There’s a sense of achievement because you feel like you’re slowly being recognised. Receiving PR could also be a doorway to building positive relationships with the companies for future campaigns as well as collaboration.   Pixi beauty surprised me with this huge gorgeous package. I ACTUALLY COULDN’T BELIEVE THAT I RECEIVED ALL THESE AMAZING GOODIES!!!! I’M SO GRATEFUL. The packaging got me sooo excited that I squealed like a little girl. I couldn’t contain my excitement. Pixi beauty was created by Petra Strand…

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