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Battle Of The Matte Liquid Lipsticks {High-End Edition}

Hey Lovelies
How many of you have been looking forward to this month? The month of love? My better half and I have always enjoyed treating ourselves to a little outing On Valentine’s Day and we’re seeing The Illusionists magic show at Monte Casino today. Super excited for that.
I love rocking a bold red, sultry dark berry or a bright pink lipstick on this day. Lol! My man knows I mean business! Haha! Jokes! But I know he appreciates a stunning red lipstick seeing that it’s his favourite shade on me.
You guys know how completely obsessed I am with lipsticks. If you’ve read my “30 random facts about me” here, you would see that the very last fact was me sharing my favourite makeup product and also mentioning how many I have in my collection. Don’t judge!
My blogger friend, Simone over at “An Ordinary Gal” and I have FINALLY (we’ve been in contact for so long, so this is long overdue) decided to do a collaboration. She’s doing the drugstore edition so please click here to read her post. If you follow her, you will know that she keeps it 100% with her reviews.
Liquid matte lipsticks are all the rage and I absolutely love them. For me, if a liquid lipstick is comfortable, long-wearing and has amazing pigmentation, then they tick all the boxes. You guys know I love Jeffree Star’s liquid lipsticks but some of my other favourite brands are Lime Crime and Tarte. Simone and I thought it would be quite exciting to have some of the well-known brands go head to head and let you guys know which of these we will continue purchasing.
Matte Liquid Lippies - SlayUniqueness

Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks – Santa Baby – $18

This has been my favourite brand for the longest time. I continue adding more shades to my collection when I get the opportunity to, simply because I know that I won’t be disappointed. I have shared a detailed post on my Jeffree star collection, so please click here to read my thoughts. I’ve added a few more to my collection and will share these with you guys in the near future.
Not only does Jeffree kill it with his packaging designs when he released a new collection but he never disappoints when it comes to quality. He comes out with such stunning creative shades so there’s definitely a shade for everyone. The formula is consistent for the most part, I’ve only had 2 shades (berries on ice and Santa baby) that we’re slightly sheer but they just needed two coats for complete opacity and it still feels super comfortable after two coats.
The lippies are comfortable, non-drying, long wearing and don’t crack or crumble. As an added bonus these lippies are also vegan and cruelty-free. Should you try these? Hell YES!

Lime Crime Velvetines Liquid Matte Lipsticks – New Americana – $20

Lime Crime New Americana - Slayuniqueness
I recall seeing these lippies and being so curious about the formula. I finally purchased a few and I haven’t looked back.
The packaging is just so playful. I love the frosted glass tube, it feels luxurious. Then you have this bright red cap with brilliant bright pink roses that just adds such a fun element to the whole look and feel. As soon as you open the cap you get a hint of vanilla, I love this scent in lippies. It does, however, disappear once the lippie has dried down.
Lime Crime New Americana - Slayuniqueness
The doe foot applicator is quite easy to use and allows for a precise and even application. These liquid lippies have a very thin liquidy consistency. They are richly pigmented so all you need is one thin layer and you’re good to go. Lime crime really got the formula spot on because these lippies do not dry out the lips, they dry down to a beautiful velvet matte and are super long wearing.
I own over 15 of these and will be sharing my collection with you guys in the near future. They’re definitely worth purchasing.

Tarte Tartiest Quick Dry Matte Lip Paint – Fly – $20

Tarte tarteist lip paint in Fly - slayuniqueness
I got so excited when I saw these. Tarte is definitely one of my favourite high-end makeup brands so there was no hesitation on my part when it came to adding a few of these to my collection.
I love how simple and sleek they kept the packaging. It comes in a clear tube embossed with glossy gold designs. The doe foot applicator is user-friendly and has a small indent to hold more product. I love that its firm as this allows for a well-defined crisp lip line.
Tarte Tarteist lip paint in fly - slayuniqueness
These lippies don’t have any scent. The formula is somewhat thin, yet still smooth and creamy. They glide on evenly and settle to a complete matte and transfer proof finish. I have noticed that they dry down pretty quickly and this might be a problem for some as it doesn’t really give one time to fix and messups.
I received one of these in a boxycharm box and can’t wait to add a few more to my collection.

Kylie Cosmetics Matte Liquid Lipstick & Lip Liner – Posie K – $29(kit) $17 (liquid lip)

I’m not gonna lie, I wasn’t that eager to try this brand but figured I’d do so to see what the hype was all about. The very first shade I purchased was Koko K and I’m not sure if it was just a bad batch or if it was because it was a light shade but it was uncomfortably drying on the lips. I figured I’d give the brand another chance and purchased the lip kit ( which contain a lip liner and liquid matte lipstick) in the shade Posie K.
The packaging is elegant yet chic. I love the outer carton as it showcases her brand well. Kylie is known for her sumptuous lips and this lip picture is just stunning. I also really love the liquid lipstick dripping design. The lip pencil is black with silver writing and the liquid lipstick comes in a transparent tube with a black lid and the same dripping design from the lid onto the tube.
Kylie Lip Kit in Posie K - slayuniqueness
The texture of the lip liner is creamy and glides on with ease. I find myself reaching for this lip liner when I use other pink lipsticks, the only downside is that they break easily. The liquid lipstick smell divine, is highly pigmented and applies beautifully. It has a standard doe foot applicator that’s pretty easy to use. Even though this specific shade wasn’t as drying and uncomfortable as the shade Koko K, it still felt noticeably drying on the lip. Not my favourite formula and I won’t be buying any more of these.

Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick- Gossip Gurl – $20

Huda Beauty Liquid matte in gossip gurl - slayuniqueness
I’ve had my eye on this brand for the longest time. I actually have a lust list of items I so badly want but I’m on a no buy until after our wedding, so I guess I just have to deal. Lol!
There are a few SA online stores that import international makeup and whats amazing about these stores is that some ladies break up mini sets and sell the items individually. I think this is such a great idea because it gives those of us who are so curious a chance to test out the products before investing in the full sizes. I’ve bought 3 of these mini’s so far and the formula is a little inconsistent.
Huda Beauty liquid matte in gossip gurl - slayuniqueness
I find the formula of the gossip gurl shade very sticky and tacky. I’ve shared my thoughts on this lippie on my Instastories and some ladies said that they only experienced this with the mini lippies but that the full sizes are extremely comfortable. I own two minis from the nude love set and these feel completely different to gossip gurl. All three lippies are richly pigmented, apply with ease, smell absolutely amazing and set to a stunning matte.
Gossip gurl is the only shade that feels tacky and takes a while to dry down, but all three are super long wearing and have become some of my favourite liquid lippies.

Final Thoughts

I wouldn’t necessarily consider Kylie a high-end brand but there’s so much hype around this brand that I figured I’d add it to this battle. It, unfortunately, falls short when you compare it to the other brands and in my opinion not really worth investing.
I have mixed feelings about the Huda brand only because there are some inconsistencies. I would, however, like to add the full sizes to my collection just to see how these compare to the minis.
I honestly have nothing negative to say about Jeffree, Lime Crime and Tarte. They’ve ticked all the right boxes and I will continue purchasing these lippies.
I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Let me know if you have tried any of these brands? What are your thoughts and would you purchase these considering what they retail for?
Don’t forget to check out the drugstore edition over at “An Ordinary Gal
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