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Be Uzuri & Co – Hot Cloth Cleanser

Hi guys.
I have to say that I’ve really have been loving the Blogger community. Yes, there is some negativity as I’m sure there would be in any other “Industry” (for lack of a better word) but I tend to focus on the positives only. I have surrounded myself bloggers who are supportive and continue to inspire and has really made this journey so worth it.
I recently followed a gorgeous beauty blogger on Instagram called KurveKut by Kay who also has a youtube channel and you can check it out here. I was so excited when I realised that I was her 1000th follower that I even had to comment. It just felt good because I know so many beauty bloggers set milestones and reaching 1000 followers is quite an accomplishment, so I was quite excited for KurveKut by Kay.
Not long after that, I received a DM by a company called Be Uzuri & Co who let me know that KurveKut shared my page with them and that they would like to send me their hot cloth cleanser to review. I was so excited and filled with gratitude. I couldn’t thank KurveKut enough and babe if you’re reading this, Thank you once again.

Disclaimer: Please note that I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion. All opinions expressed are genuinetruthful and fair-minded. 

About Be Uzuri & Co

Be Uzuri is a small company that focuses on simple natural skin care. They believe that natural products bring back a balance to the skin because they are simple ingredients that work effectively.
“The concept of Be Uzuri and Co came about on a night when one of our founders ran out of makeup remover, she went to her kitchen and pulled out some olive oil and has never looked back.”

About the Hot Cloth Cleanser

“It contains Hemp oil which is full of Omega 3 and 6, it regenerates and energises the skin’s protective layer. This is great to keep your PH balance at a good level. It is a great emollient and moisturiser. We highly suggest it for dry and dehydrated skin. Castor oil and raw honey are an antibacterial for skin, anti blemish and anti ageing, it also helps restore moisture to the skin. It increases collagen production too.
For our plant extract, we rely on roots and spices, they have been used for ages in skin care and our favourite which fragrances the balm is Cumin. Full of vitamin A, B and C.  Reduces oily clogged pores.
Please do not be afraid of all the leaves you see in the jar, they are still working hard to keep the product working and smelling good.
Please keep jar away from direct sunlight and store in a cool dry place. Can be kept for a year.”
So the key ingredients are

  • Hemp oil – this oil has a bit of a cult following. If you have read any of my other skincare posts then you would know that I absolutely love oils for skin. Hemp oil has amazing antioxidant properties that leave the skin feeling plump, firm and tightened. This oil is also great for oily skins because it moisturises the skin without clogging up your pores. It’s also great to use for irritated and sensitive skin, it helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and suitable for all skin types.
  • Castor oil – this oil is widely known for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. These are some of the benefits of this oil
    1. Heals Inflamed Skin
    2. Fights Signs Of Aging
    3. Reduces Acne
    4. Moisturizes Skin
    5. Fades Blemishes
    6. Prevents Stretch Marks
    7. Reduces Pigmentation
  • Raw honey – I’ve been using raw honey for DIY face masks for the longest time. I believe that this ingredient is key for that youthful glow we all wish for. Honey contains antibacterials, probiotics and healing properties. This natural product is amazing for all skin types and leaves the skin feeling and looking nourished and hydrated.
  • Cumin – this spice isn’t just used for culinary purposes. It’s also known for its medical properties since ancient times. It contains high levels of vitamin E which is a great anti-aging ingredient.

My Experience with the Hot Cloth Cleanser

“How to use the hot cloth cleanser:
You can use it to remove makeup or to just deep cleanse your skin.
Take about a pea size on bare skin or as much as you need to remove makeup. Rub on the skin gently and run hot tap water on your cloth, once ready and satisfied place the damp cloth on your face (covering the face to steam and wipe) you can repeat this as many times as you would like, and it’s up to you to use your daily cleanser after. We like to keep it on or use the balm to moisturise.
With makeup, please make sure to remove completely as it can damage your skin, even in far reaching areas like ears and your hair line or neck.
PS: If it is the first time you are adding a natural balm or oil to your skin and its comedogenic, it is possible that you might break out but please don’t give up as your skin will get used to the product in no time.
I’ve been using the Hot Cloth Cleanser as a makeup remover. I take a little more than a pea size of the product and massage it gently all over my face. I then run hot water over the cloth and place it on my face for a few seconds and then wipe away the makeup. I love how easily it removes my makeup especially the waterproof liquid eyeliner. What I love even more is that the cloth is super soft and big enough to cover my whole face.
I was amazed that such a little product removed all the makeup on my face. I took a cotton pad to test if it removed everything and wow, fascinating, my skin was squeaky clean. This product can be used as a cleanser by itself but I follow a certain skin routine and have been loving the products I’ve been using.
This has been a great addition to my skincare routine and I will continue using it. I love that it’s a makeup remover, a cleanser and moisturiser in one. It feels really good to know that the product you’re using for your skin contains so many great natural and non-toxic ingredients.
This Hot Cloth Cleanser + Cloth retails for R180. You can contact them by email or DM on Instagram Be_Uzuri
Have you heard of this brand? Would you try this product? Have you used any other oil cleanser and what are your thoughts on it?
Toodles Stunners! Xx
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  • An Ordinary Gal

    Looks really interesting. I was using the Body shop’s flannel cleaning cloth, but in the end I get worried about how often to clean it and and and, so i steer clear from the cleaning cloth generally. The warm water and the soft look of this cloth is appealing though.
    I am obsessed with the Kiehl’s cleansing oil currently 🙂

    • stunnersslayuniqueness

      I actually wash this cloth everyday because I use it everyday. Don’t want my skin acting up. I’ve actually read about the Kiehl’s cleansing oil and have been wanting to try it out. It’s going on my wishlit. lol

    • stunnersslayuniqueness

      It really is such a great product that works so well. I know, we need more people like her in our lives. I think its such a great idea to refer others, especially if for example the product won’t agree with your skin etc

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