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The Naked Edition : Urban Decay Naked Palette

Hi Guys
Today is the 2nd post of my Naked Edition series and I’ll be reviewing the Urban Decay Naked palette. If you haven’t read my first post then please click here.
When I heard Urban Decay was set to launch in SA I got super excited. I saved up a bit because I so badly wanted to own a few Urban Decay makeup products (This was before my handsome love surprised me). There was soo much hype around the launch and people were even getting ready to start queueing from 4 am the morning just so that they could be in the first 100 because If I remember correctly, the first 100 were promised a free gift and the 1st 50 an entry for the Vault giveaway.
I was excited but I wasn’t going to try and get into the 1st 100, so I got done the morning and arrived there around 11 am. I recall the queue being soo long that my heart sank. I was advised that I could retrieve a number and go about my other shopping and just return later on. I think I spent about 2 hours doing whatever else I needed to do and returned but still stood in the queue for another 40min. I was number 229, so you can only imagine how hectic that day was and there were still so many people behind me.
I finally got inside and MAAN, OH MAAN was I overwhelmed. I was filled with excitement and wanted soo many products that I obviously couldn’t afford and needed time to regather my thoughts and think about what I needed in my collection. I knew I wanted to try one of their eyeshadow palettes but I just wasn’t sure which one would suit my skin tone best. I was then approached by the gorgeous Phoebe Lightning who literally came to my rescue. I walked out with the Naked palette and 2 lipsticks in the shades Native and Pandemonium.

Urban Decay Naked Palette

This specific palette has been quite popular and I now understand why. It offers 12 neutral colours with various finishes from mattes, satins to shimmery shades. This is the perfect palette to achieve everyday looks to something a little more bold for the evening and I find myself reaching more for it when I want something practical.


I, unfortunately, don’t have the actual box the palette came in because I have this baby for a year now. The actual case of the palette is definitely cardboard but feels quite sturdy and is covered with a chocolate brown velvety suede-like material. I’m not a fan of this type of material especially on eyeshadow palettes because it’s such a unique and fragile type of material that wears fairly quickly. The palette has a magnetic closure and comes with a mirror but I hardly use this mirror because it’s way too small for my liking.
The palette also comes with a really great quality 2 ended brush that’s made from metal and the hairs from soft but firm synthetic material. I must say I quite like this brush and use it frequently. I especially like the flat side for packing on eyeshadow all over the lids and the other side is great for blending out any harsh edges.

Eyeshadows and Pigmentation

I love this palette because it consists of warm neutral shades that are great for creating everyday wearable looks. The eyeshadows themselves are highly pigmented, they have an insane colour payoff and are so easy to work with. There are 2 mattes shades and the rest are satin and shimmery shades.

Eyeshadow Shade description from the Urban Decay website:


  • Virgin – cool pale beige shimmer
  • Sin – pale nude shimmer
  • Naked – nude matte
  • Sidecar – beige shimmer with silver micro-glitter
  • Buck – fawn brown matte
  • Half baked – golden bronze shimmer
  • Smog – deep coppery bronze shimmer
  • Dark Horse – deep mocha shimmer
  • Toasted – Antique copper penny shimmer
  • Hustle – plum brown satin
  • Creep – onyx shimmer with gold sparkle
  • Gunmetal – dark metallic grey shimmer with silver micro-glitter

Final Thoughts
I recall swatching these eyeshadows when I got home that day and I was in awe. They felt so soft and I was able to get amazing swatches like the ones I did on my arm in the picture above without having to press too hard into the eyeshadows. They really are amazing quality eyeshadows and I’ve absolutely loved playing around with this palette and creating different looks. The one shade that really makes me gasp every time I use it is half baked. It’s soo soft, goes on soo smoothly, super pigmented and like the rest wears all day without fading.
I would definitely recommend this palette to anyone who is contemplating trying out Urban Decay’s eyeshadow palettes but not sure which to buy as their first. You will absolutely love it.
Do you own this palette and if so what are your thoughts?
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