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Liquid Lipstick Series: Lime Crime Velvetines

This week I’m sharing with you my experience with the Lime Crime Velvetines matte liquid lipsticks. I’m gonna cover a few international brands in the next few weeks and then fill you guys in on some of my favourite drugstore matte liquid lipsticks.


About Lime Crime

We do beauty differently at Lime Crime. As a cult-status, digital-first makeup and hair color brand, we’re here to unleash what makes you unique. Founded by makeup visionary Doe Deere in 2008, our mission is to create products and experiences that transport you to a magical world where you can express yourself unapologetically, experiment with every color of the rainbow and escape from looking like everyone else. 

We’re known for creating colorful trends and innovations that have taken the industry by storm, from our famed Velvetines, one of the first liquid matte lipsticks, to our best-selling Venus palettes which started the reddish grunge rage, to the sparkle of Diamond Crushers to our award-winning Unicorn Hair Color. We design, manufacture and assemble our quality products right here in Los Angeles, using globally-sourced ingredients for high performance wear and high color pay-off.

Certified vegan and cruelty-free brand by both PETA and Leaping Bunny, our makeup and all of its ingredients are never tested on animals. After all, we are the makeup for unicorns.


My Collection


The liquid matte that started it all. Conceptualized and developed by Lime Crime founder Doe Deere, Velvetines draw inspiration from her favourite flower – a red, red rose. Doe used to cut out rose petals and paste them onto her lips as a child.


The packaging is just so playful. The outer packaging has their trademark red roses on it – the owner’s favourite flower. I love the frosted glass tube, it feels really luxurious. Then you have a bright red cap with brilliant bright pink roses that just adds such a fun element to the whole look and feel. The doe foot applicator is quite easy to use and allows for a precise and even application.

The formula

The matte Velvetine liquid lipsticks are all richly pigmented and have a lovely French vanilla scent. It’s a liquid formula that glides on evenly and you only need one thin layer. Once dries down it feels velvety on the lips and doesn’t dry out properly moisturized lips. They’re also super long wearing and last for hours with minimal touch up required,  even through eating and drinking (avoid oily foods as this will disintegrate some of the product). Touch-proof, kiss-proof and utterly addictive!

TIPS: Apply lip balm 15 minutes prior; pat off excessive oils with a tissue. Apply Velvetines directly to lips (use a lip brush to refine edges). Remove at the end of the day with waterproof makeup remover or oil.


1. Cupid – petal pink



















2. Prairie – dusky nude

















3. Polly – pink mauve















4. Saint – cranberry red
















5. Pumpkin – brick red


















6. New Americana – flame red















7. True love – vibrant pinky red















8. Rustic – earthy red

















9. Utopia – neon orchid


Final Thoughts

The matte velvetines are in my top 5 favourite liquid lipsticks. They’re super pigmented and you need one thin layer for a fully opaque lip. One thing you have to take note of, and this goes with most liquid lipstick is that the more product you apply on your lips, the more the chances of it piling up, crumbling or transferring.

This formula dries pretty quickly so there isn’t time to sort of “fix” mistakes. Also, make sure you follow the TIP above and moisturise well 15 min before you apply the lipstick. This formula will accentuate dry patches if they already exist.

Let me know if you’ve tried this formula before and if you like it as much as I do? Also, please mention your favourite liquid lipstick formula?

PS. I will be adding lip swatches at a later stage. Currently running a bit of an infection and not feeling too great.



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