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Beginners Guide To Skincare – Toners

Happy #humpday beauties.

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Today we’re talking about toners. This is essentially the 2nd step in your skincare routine but is it really necessary?

What are toners?

Toners are used to remove the surface layer of dead skin cells and restores the skins ph levels to ensure a healthy skin barrier. It also helps absorb all the product you apply thereafter.

Toners don’t only remove impurities but also helps shrinks the appearance of pores, as well as help, restore the PH ( potential of hydrogen) level of your skin.

Our skins ideal ph level needs to be around 4.5 – 5.5, so slightly more acidic. Washing your face can fluctuate the ph levels and that’s where toners come into play. They help bring it down to a more optimal level ( 4.5-5.5).

You need a balanced Ph skin level to make sure you keep the barrier of your skin healthy. A level that’s too acidic will leave skin red, irritated and inflamed and too alkaline leaves the skin dry and dehydrated. A healthy skin barrier ensures that the lipids, natural oils, moisture of the skin are kept locked in. It also provides protection from environmental stresses.

There are so many toners on the market, each targeting different skin concerns. From cleansing, exfoliating, hydrating, brightening and sometimes even all the above mentioned in one product. Crazy, right?

Which toner is best for you?

As with any skincare products, it all boils down your skin type.

Oily skin

For all the oily girls, like myself ( well I actually have oily to combination), you want to look out for products that contain Aha’s, BHA’s and salicylic acid.  These products will sink into the pores and work at removing all the impurities that might cause breakouts. The Clinique clarifying lotion 3 is a favourite of mine during summer seasons but a little goes a long way. It just helps keep my oils at bay as it contains salicylic acid.

Large pores

Those with large pores want to look for toners that contain Aha’s. I don’t have huge pores but I found that the “The Ordinary” Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution worked really well for helping with the appearance of my pores. This isn’t your average toner since it contains 7% glycolic acid and falls somewhere between a toner and a chemical peel. I alternate this toner with the Dischem Rosewater, which is really hydrating and gentle on the skin.

The Pixi beauty glow tonic (which also contains Aha) is a slightly gentle version of the “The Ordinary” glycolic toner and also helps with the appearance of the pores. Another really popular one is the Thayers Witch hazel toner.


Dull skin

Those with dull skin should use products that contain natural exfoliants such as papaya and lactic acid. The “The ordinary” lactic acid 10% + hyaluronic acid 2% is another toner/gentle chemical exfoliant that also contains Aha and perfect for those just starting out. If you have more sensitive skin, you might want to start with the lactic acid 5%.

Dry skin

For my beauties with dry skin, stay clear from products that contain alcohol as this will further dry out your skin. The Clinique clarifying toner 3 is a no go for you as the 4th ingredient is alcohol.  Look out for ingredients such as glycerine and hyaluronic acid as this will replenish and hydrate the skin.

Sensitive skin

Those with sensitive skin need to look out for more plant-based ingredients. Products that include aloe vera or chamomile are great as this will calm and soothe the skin.


Final thoughts


I feel toning is an essential step in one’s skincare routine as it helps balance the PH levels of this skin. This plays a huge part in how well our skin absorbs all the other products we apply.

As always, it’s important to treat your skin based on your skin type and skin concerns. Just familiarise yourself with the ingredients that are best suited for your skin type.

Stay tuned for next weeks post!



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